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Research project: Metamaterials

Currently Active: 

Nanostructured metamaterials are artificially engineered media smaller than the wavelength of light

Metamaterial array

Metamaterials are manmade media with all sorts of unusual and useful functionalities (varying from negative refractive index to optical invisibility cloaks and quantum effects) that can be achieved by artificial structuring smaller than the length scale of light. We theoretically study strong collective interactions between the nano-resonators mediated by electromagnetic fields and, e.g., the effects of disorder on the response of metamaterial systems.

The theoretical work is done in a close collaboration with experimentalists. The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council UK (EPSRC) has awarded the University of Southampton £6.3M to establish the Centre for Nanostructured Photonic Metamaterials and the work crosses normal boundaries between several science and engineering disciplines. This innovative and interdisciplinary research programme is funded for six years with the aim of developing a new generation of switchable and active photonic media. The experimental effort will capitalize on state-of-the-art facilities within the University's new cleanroom and laboratory complex at the Mountbatten building.

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