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The University of Southampton
Mathematical Sciences

Research project: Ultracold Atoms, Quantum Optics and Quantum Technologies

Currently Active: 

We study cold atoms and quantum optics

We theoretically study cold atoms and quantum optics with applications, e.g., to quantum-enhanced sensing and metrology and to quantum simulation. Ultracold atoms in laboratories constitute a clean many-body system with well-understood interactions and they may be accurately engineered, controlled and detected by means of electromagnetic fields.

Ultracold atoms confined in optical lattices formed by laser beams can almost ideally realize several fundamental models of strongly-correlated physics. This opens up possibilities for promising applications, e.g., in using constructed atom systems to simulate other strongly interacting phenomena in laboratories that are too complex even for numerical simulations. Our studies include proposals for novel constructed lattice systems that, e.g., exhibit topologically non-trivial states of matter and for diagnostic tools for revealing complex quantum states. We also investigate non-equilibrium quantum dynamics of atoms in lattices.

The research on fermionic superfluids includes, e.g., the interplay between magnetism and superfluidity in the phase separation of superfluid and normal phases and the effect of impurity atoms.

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Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
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