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Mathematical Sciences

Research project: Mathematical Modelling

Currently Active: 

The modelling group has a broad range of interests. Recently the group has focussed on applications of mathematics to medicine and biotechnology, but it also have very strong interests in industrial modelling, design of experiments, asymptotics and financial modelling. The group participates extensively in international industrial study groups that provide a rich source of important practical problems for mathematical investigation.

Current research interest in the biosciences is enabled by active collaborations with researchers and clinicians within the university, nationally and internationally. A significant strand of this work is facilitated by the strategic University-funded initiative in the form of the Life Sciences Interface Forum and involves work with the School of Biological Sciences and the School of Medicine. Particular bio-research topics of current interest span a range of physical and mathematical areas. Research is directed at human health issues in particular medical research areas, as well as more fundamental biological and ecological questions.

Present research topics in bio-mathematics and mathematics with medicine include:

* engineering cartilage tissue
* fluid flow in eyes
* modelling tumour growth
* modelling the human lymphatic system
* the electrochemistry of the cell membrane
* micro-fluidic devices for DNA analysis
* population ecology

Present non-bio research topics include:

* asymptotics
* design of experiments
* industrial applied mathematics
* mathematical modelling of spread betting
* fluid mechanics
* phase field models of solidification
* two phase flow
* batteries, solar cells and fuel cells

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