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Mathematical Sciences Undergraduate study

Statistical Research

In a world surrounded by data statisticians are highly sought after to analyse and make sense of it, to provide usable information to businesses and governments. Although the skills that studying statistics give you are useful in many jobs, there are specialist roles which exist within businesses and government bodies for full-time statisticians. If you’ve studied a significant statistical element and wish to continue your passion for stats into the workplace, then statistical research may be for you.

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As a statistician it will be your job to apply statistical theory to the collection, management and analysis of data to provide organisations with recommendations based on your results. Pretty much every industry and organisation imaginable needs statisticians nowadays, including: the finance industry, the retail industry, the pharmaceuticals industry, government and local councils, and the manufacturing industry.

Skills required:


Things to consider:

Photo of Hannah Fairbanks
One thing you must never forget is to enjoy your studies. Don’t forget the reason why you chose mathematics; it should interest and motivate you. Turning up to lectures shouldn’t be a chore.
Hannah Fairbanks , MSc Statistics with Applications in Medicine
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