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Mathematical Sciences

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The breadth of our expertise is reflected in the breadth of the Programmes that we offer in Mathematical Sciences.

Our flagship Single Honours programmes allow you to explore core topics from Pure and Applied Mathematics and to discover real-world applications of Statistics and Operational Research.

Our Combined Honours programmes unite Mathematics with other topics from Economics, Business, Computer Science, Physics or Modern Languages.  Moreover our programmes are accredited by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and can offer exemptions from the actuarial Core Technical examinations.

For even greater breadth our Mathematical Studies programme allows you to combine Mathematics with any other electives from around the University.

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We have a great environment for students to delve into the world of mathematics. Our dedicated Mathematical Sciences Student Centre gives mathematics students a place of their own to study or relax between lectures, as well as providing the venue for our Mathematics Workshops, movie nights and quiz nights.

For 2021 entry we are offering the following programmes.

Single Honours Degrees

G100 BSc Mathematics (3 years)
G103 MMath Mathematics (4 years)
G1G3 BSc Mathematics with Statistics (3 years)
G120 BSc Mathematical Sciences (3 years)

Specialised Mathematics Degrees for Business

G1N3 BSc Mathematics with Actuarial Science (3 years)
G1NH BSc Mathematics with Finance (3 years)
GL12 BSc MORSE (Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics) (3 years)
GL11 MMORSE (Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics) (4 years)

Specialised Mathematics and Science Degrees

G1G4 BSc Mathematics with Computer Science (3 years)
FF34 MMath Mathematical Physics (4 years)

Mathematics with a Modern Language

G1R1 BSc Mathematics with French (4 years)
G1R2 BSc Mathematics with German (4 years)
G1R4 BSc Mathematics with Spanish (4 years)

Other Degrees Partnered with Mathematics

VG51 BA Philosophy and Mathematics (3 years) (joint honours programme, administered by Humanities)

Mathematics with a Foundation Year

We also offer foundation year entry to our mathematics programmes via:
DG1R Mathematics with Foundation Year (4 years)
BG1M MMath with Foundation Year (5 years)

For more information see the Engineering/Physics/Maths/Geophysics Foundation Year


Open Days

Come and find out more about us at the University Open Days in September/October

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