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The University of Southampton
Medical Devices and Vulnerable Skin Network

MDVSNPLUS to Develop Early Detection Methods to Assess the Risk of Pressure Ulcers in Individuals with Mental Illness

Published: 5 June 2018
NewMind Plus Network

The MDVSNPLUS team has been successful in securing funding for a research project from NewMind, the EPSRC Partnership Network for Mental Health Technology, looking to develop early detection methods to assess the risk of pressure ulcers in individuals with mental illness

Pressure ulcers (PU) can develop if an individual spends prolonged periods sitting or lying in one position. Indeed, people with mental health conditions are at high risk, with dementia patients exhibiting a particularly high prevalence rate. Causes of this enhanced risk include inadequate repositioning, poor diet and dehydration, medication and communication. PU prevention would lead to an improved quality of life in the dementia population and a reduced medical burden. This feasibility study aims to develop early screening methods to evaluate PU risk in this vulnerable population.

This feasibility study is divided into two phases of research to establish the translation of the established technologies to monitor both healthy elderly individuals and those with dementia


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