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The University of Southampton
Medical Education

Senior Tutors

Students have access to a ‘Senior Tutor’ or equivalent in each Faculty.  Senior Tutors are experienced members of academic staff who offer an additional layer of support to students, over and above their Personal Academic Tutor (PAT). Please note that a student's PAT should always remain the first point of contact if possible. PATs should be familiar with all the lines of support offered by the University.

The Senior Tutor team provide guidance and advice to students during their course of study.

The role of the Senior Tutor is to:

The Senior Tutor team can be contacted on with any questions concerning student support, special considerations, appeals, suspensions or for general advice.




Jo Culpin Senior Tutor - BM4 All Years, BM5 Years 3, 4 & 5, MMedSc
Zoe Sheppard Senior Tutor - BM5/6/EU Years 1 & 2
Luca Di Gregorio Senior Tutor - BM5/6/EU Years 1 & 2
Polly Hardy-Johnson Senior Tutor - BM5/6/EU Years 1 & 2
Wendy Lawrence Senior Tutor - BM6 Year 0
Lucy Dorey Senior Tutor - Postgraduate Research/Postgraduate Taught
Sian Brett Senior Tutor - Disability Officer
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