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The University of Southampton
Medical Education

Presentation by Sunhea Choi and her PhD student at the Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME)

Published: 14 July 2011
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The presentation delivered by Sunhea Choi at the Association of the study of medical education, entitled ‘Modelling Virtual Patients and Generating Feedback using Semantic Web’ demonstrates research on automatic feedback generation for virtual patients, using a group of methods and technologies collectively known as the semantic web.

The semantic web is designed to formally represent information about digital documents and other resources (such as people and events) using RDF (Resources Description Framework). It is also possible to describe concepts, classify them and define their properties using OWL (Web Ontology Language). These formal languages also allow re-use of data from external sources from the web. To generate feedback, an adequate computer model has to be designed to represent virtual patients and students' interactions. The semantic web allows rich data modelling, and is therefore superior to traditional data technologies such as relational databases and XML for this purpose.


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