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The University of Southampton
Medical Education

Entrepreneurship funding for exhibition

Published: 1 August 2011

Linda Turner and Kathy Kendall received £1250 enterprise funding from the Faculty of Medicine to hold a retrospective exhibition of student work produced during the Medical Humanities Student Selected Unit (SSU).

In the first year of the BM5 programme, all medical students undertake medical humanities options as part of the curriculum. The medical humanities use art, literature, photography, film drama and music to explore human experiences of health and illness and offers opportunities to apply these insights to clinical practice. Medical humanities are emerging as a valuable learning tool in medical education and healthcare that enable students and healthcare practitioner to learn about patients' perspectives and creativity. Since the Medical Humanities SSU was introduced four years ago, students have produced a range of high quality creative outcomes including art work from drawing, portraiture and multi-media. A selection of these will be exhibited in late 2011. The event, titled ‘Tomorrow's Doctors: Imaginative and Engaged' is being organised and curated jointly by the Medical Humanities SSU coordinators, students, as well as patient and community group representatives.

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