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Tomorrow’s Doctors: Imaginative and Engaged

Published: 23 October 2011

This exhibition brought together students' work across four years to illustrate the role creativity can play in medical education and clinical practice.

Since 2007 all first year BM5 students at Southampton have been using literature, creative writing, art, photography, film, drama, history and music to imagine and engage with patients’ diverse perspectives and experiences. The medical humanities aims to open the hearts and minds of students, facilitating the development of observation, critical analysis, reflection and empathy which are essential to good medical practice.

In October 2011 an exhibition titled Tomorrow’s Doctors: Imaginative & Engaged was held at the Level 4 Gallery, Hartley Library. Funded by the Faculty of Medicine Enterprise Group, the show brought together student’s work from across four years to illustrate the role creativity can play in medical education and clinical practice. The inclusion of pieces by the students’ art teachers and members of patient support groups—Keeping Pace with Pain and The Stroke Association—reflected the relational and synergetic process of learning the science of medicine and understanding human experiences of health and illness. Members of Keeping Pace with Pain helped to select the student artwork for inclusion in the exhibition.

The Vice Chancellor Professor Don Nutbeam opened the private viewing and commented ‘This is an extraordinarily clever way of putting humanity into the science of medicine…of encouraging and supporting students to think about what it feels like to be a patient, and how to better relate to patients. I am deeply impressed, not just by the quality of outputs but that all our students get the opportunity and are encouraged to do this.’
Helen Aung, a third year student responding to Professor Nutbeam, commented, ‘The medical humanities SSU has helped us to sharpen our scientific skills, deepen our understanding and reflect upon our own learning and development.

The exhibition was extremely well attended and its success is further illustrated by comments in the visitors’ book such as ‘Fantastic – creative, sensitive, intelligent work at the interface’ and ‘A revelatory exhibition’.

Imaginative & Engaged
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