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Pathology eLearning Presented in Milan

Published: 19 September 2014

eLearning activities called Pathology Interactive Practicals (PiPs) are an important part of the BM5 curriculum and deliver core concepts in an engaging and innovative way. Their incorporation into an integrated curriculum design were presented at the 2014 meeting of AMEE (Association for Medical Education in Europe) in Milan by Norman Carr, Principal Clinical Teaching Fellow and Consultant Pathologist.

Unlike more traditional curriculum designs, in which core material is generally presented in lectures, Norman Carr described how eLearning delivers the core concepts and lectures take a supplementary role. This maximises the strengths of each teaching method – students can take as much time as they need with the PiPs to master core concepts, whereas lectures build on these principles, showing how they are clinically relevant and developing the students’ interest and enthusiasm.

Co-authors Sunhea Choi (Global eHealth Education Lead) and Marcus Parry (Educational Development Manager) were involved in developing the PiPs using evidence-based techniques to maximise learning. Each PiP is short and interactive, incorporating formative questions with immediate feedback.

Based on student evaluations, the PiPs are popular and students are happy to use them in the way they were intended. This curriculum design has similarities with the ‘flipped classroom’ concept, and could be applied to other parts of the programme in the early years of medical school.

Notes for editors

"Using e-learning to deliver core concepts in an integrated undergraduate pathology curriculum"

Carr NJ, Choi S, Parry MP, Medical Education Academic Unit, University of Southampton, Southampton UK



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