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BM(EU) students move to Kassel

Published: 11 September 2015
BM(EU) Students in Kassel

The first cohort of students on the European Bachelor of Medicine programme – the BM(EU) – started Year 3 in Kassel on 31st August.

A huge amount of work has gone into achieving this. The Kassel School of Medicine (KSM) and the University of Southampton have been involved in a very rigorous quality assurance process from the General Medical Council UK (GMC) to enable years 3-5 of the programme to be delivered in Germany.

At Southampton, we feel very proud of this innovative programme and excited for the students. However we will miss having them in Southampton as they have had a very positive impact on staff and students.

The students are pictured with here with Karsten Honsel, CEO of Gesundheit Nordhessen Holding (left), and staff from the Kassel School of Medicine.

BM(EU) students pictured with staff from the Kassel School of Medicine
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