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Medical Education

First AMEE guide to teaching sociology published

Published: 11 October 2018
Medical Teacher
Medical Teacher, An International Journal of Education in the Health Sciences

The first ever AMEE guide to teaching sociology to undergraduate medical students is published this week in Medical Teacher.

The Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) promotes international excellence in medical education and the authors, who include a patient educator, are members of the Behavioural and Social Sciences Teaching in Medicine (BeSST) network which represents four UK medical schools.

Lead author, Kathy Kendall, said: ‘As medical sociology is increasingly important in helping doctors to address contemporary health issues, its publication is timely.'


Dr Kathy Kendall
Dr Kathy Kendall

The publication is a shortened version of a longer guide available from AMEE soon and highlights why and how sociology is important to good medical practice. It emphasises practical strategies for teaching, evaluating and assessing sociology in medical education curricula, and aspects of patient partnership relating to this. It also identifies current opportunities and challenges and proposes communities of practice as a means of helping to address these and improving teaching quality.

You can access the full article here:

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