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The University of Southampton
Medical Education

Is the Future with Technology Bright?  Event

12:00 - 13:00
8 April 2014
University of Southampton - Highfield Campus Building 85, Room 4039

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Event details

The next Medical Education Research Forum, will be a chance to catch up with the various e-learning initiatives in the Faculty of Medicine and to find out how they are being researched and evaluated.

The forum will be presented by three of our colleagues: Sunhea Choi, Andy Pulman and Susie Rebelo-Hopkins.

If you would like to join us, please send a message to:

For further information about the event, please see the abstract below:

This is your chance to find out about five innovative and interesting strands of eLearning and global eHealth education research we are currently investigating.....

Virtual Patients: Past, Present and Future - Presenting our previous innovative work in this area, find out how we are planning on building and rolling them out, and what the benefits and challenges might be......

  • Global eHealth education: Challenges and Rewards - Sharing what work we do and why, and the lessons have learnt from the malnutrition eLearning and psychiatry education portal projects.
  • Apps in the Curriculum - Medical apps are being released in greater quantities than ever before but are they clinically accurate, how might they be utilised within a medical curriculum, how can students guarantee that what they download is fit for purpose and what are the possible faculty options and roles in gatekeeping and managing this area?As a faculty we shouldembracethe opportunity medical apps offer to enhance learning. How can we achieve this?
  • Is the Future Mobile? - Research suggests that young people are welded to their mobile phones and tablets. How might we harness this relationship in terms of medical education? Is adaptive design the answer? Find out what we have done and what we are looking at in this area......
  • Psychology and Technology - Do you suffer from Divided Attention Disorder (DAD)? Has your use of technology changed who you are and how you interrelate with others? How can we find out the effects and its impact on learning and living? All will be revealed (possibly!).......

Join us, and explore and critically appraise what we can, should and should not do with technology.


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