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Medical Education

Project activities

This project sought to enhance the experience of healthcare students who are in the process of transition to clinical learning. 

Please find below a list of our project activities.

1. The first externally-facing project meeting brought together the advisory group and key contacts. It took place in London in December 2010. This event was supported by the Health Sciences Subject Centre, which provided a meeting room in London free of charge.

2. We published a small item about the project in the Health Sciences and Practice Subject Centre newsletter, Issue 32, dated January 2011, p.9, which generated much external interest in the project.

3. The project forged closer relationships with colleagues in the other professions. In June 2011, Anja Timm contributed to an information and development day for audiology placement leads at Southampton.

4. The project team delivered a presentation at the Annual Conference of the Higher Education Academy in Nottingham in July 2011. The presentation was entitled: ‘Participants, collaborators, partners - engaging with students to develop practices of student engagement'.

5. The interim report was delivered to the HEA in early July 2011. 

6. Also in July, we presented our work as part of a work-in-progress session at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME). The paper was entitled: 'Transitioning into workplace learning across healthcare disciplines: Early findings from a comparative study of medicine, nursing and audiology at two UK universities' and presented by Anja Timm

7. There were several opportunities for student involvement with the project. Anja Timm supervised a fourth year medical student on a 20 week medical education research project, Chidi Onyeforo. In addition, the project employed a second year IT student on a summer internship (12 weeks), Mark Chadwick. During his placement, Mark helped to develop the project's web-presence. This was especially important in terms of the student-facing website which showcases the resources the project produced for students.

8. At Leeds, Alison Ledger co-wrote a poster with audiology colleagues, for presentation at the Annual conference of the British Audiology Association.

9. The second project meeting brought together the team, advisory group and key contacts on 14 October 2011 to discuss project progress and preliminary findings.

10. The project team hosted a consultation meeting with professional groups on 14 October 2011 (by invitation only). The aim of this half-day meeting was to discuss the impact of the changing NHS on the educational experience of undergraduate students in audiology, medicine and nursing.

11. Following on from the presentation at the HEA Annual Conference, Professor Maxine Lintern of Birmingham City University invited the team to contribute to a seminar series at the Centre for Health and Social Care Research. Chidi Onyeforo and Anja Timm gave this presentation on 18 January 2012.

12. Internal dissemination of initial findings was on-going. At Southampton, the team has provided input into the West Sussex Paediatrics Away Day in December 2011 and to a staff development event, ‘Teaching in Clinical Settings' in May 2012.

13. The qualitative data collection was concluded and preliminary findings were fed into the design of an online questionnaire. The student survey about their experiences of initial clinical placements ran during April and May 2012.

14. With the student surveys concluded at both Leeds and Southampton, the two sites worked with student reference groups to design and draft resources for future generations of students who are new to clinical placements. A dedicated website to host these resources was already developed during the summer of 2011.

15. Due to the delayed start at both sites the project was granted a new end date, running October 31 2012.

16. The team gratefully received the support of HEA staff in setting up a national workshop for dissemination of the project findings and outputs - especially Geoff Glover, the new Head of Health Sciences and Liz Anderson, the discipline lead for Medicine. The anticipated date for the workshop was to be in October 2012. 

17. At the Improving Student Learning Symposium, held at the University of Lund (29-31 August 2012), Anja Timm presented on behalf of the project team. The output was entitled: "Students' experiences of the transition from ‘student' to ‘trainee professional' in the clinical workplace and on how to turn education research findings into meaningful resources for (and with) students"

18. Students from Leeds and Southampton presented on various aspects of student participation at the RAISE conference, which was held in Southampton, 13-14 September 2012. RAISE stands for Researching, Advancing and Inspiring Student Engagement.

19. The third and final advisory group meeting took place on 24 September 2012 in London. Team members from both sites reported on progress and findings.

20. A final national dissemination workshop for the project took place in London on 11 October 2012. The event was supported through the HEA. 


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