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The University of Southampton

Mediation for students - informal conflict resolution

Mediation is a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL service and offers you an opportunity to try to resolve any conflict between parties who may work, study or live together. It could be student/student or student/staff but as this is a voluntary process, both parties must agree to take part.

resolving conflicts
Student mediation session

Mediation allows you to have difficult conversations within a safe environment where a trained impartial mediator will facilitate the discussion to help both parties to listen to each other and will support them as they identify areas of commonality and difference.

A mediator will not solve the problem for the parties but will help you to analyse the problem and decide what you want to achieve.

Always try to resolve things yourself first in a calm, non-confrontational way. You could seek advice from the Student Union Advice Centre .

Mediation could help if:

Examples of situations where mediation is appropriate:

Facts about mediation that you need to know:

How to approach the mediation service

If you feel ready to self-refer to mediation and have already tried to resolve things yourself please downlaod the self-referral form below. However, if you would prefer to have an informal chat before moving things forward, please email:

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