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Dr Andrew Flower BA, PhD, MRCHM

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Andrew Flower's photo

Andrew has been a practitioner of Chinese herbal medicine (CHM) since 1992. In 2011 he completed his PhD exploring the role of CHM in the treatment of endometriosis. He recently co-ordinated a team of researchers as part of the EU sponsored-Good Practice of TCM project, and was the lead author of the resultant Guidelines for randomised controlled trials of CHM.

My research focuses on clinical trials of herbal medicines and the possible role that these traditional medicines could have within mainstream healthcare in the UK. One area of particular interest is the contribution that herbs could make to reducing microbial resistance to antibiotics. We have a lot to learn from herbs and the way they have been used is a privilege to be part of a University team that is subjecting these old remedies to rigorous, scientific scrutiny.

In 2012 he was awarded a 5 year NIHR post doctoral Fellowship to investigate the possible contribution of CHM to the treatment of recurrent urinary tract infections and is currently about to start the UKs first clinical trial of Chinese herbs as an Investigational Medicinal Product for this condition. In January 2016 Andrew received promotion to Senior Research Fellow.

Andrew is currently the Principal Investigator for the RUTI Trial


Appointments held

2016 - Senior Research Fellow - Primary Care and Population Sciences, University of Southampton

2012 - 2015 Research Fellow - Primary Care and Population Sciences, University of Southampton

Research interests

Clinical trial methodology, Chinese herbal medicine, urinary tract infections, endometriosis, supportive treatment for people with cancer.

Research projects

Andrew is currently midway through a 5 year research project investigating CHM for recurrent urinary tract infections (RUTIs).

He is involved in the management committee of the ATAFUTI trial and a study exploring CHM for asthma.

Research group

Primary Care & Population Sciences

Affiliate research group

Primary Care Research group

Research project(s)

D-fRUTI - D-mannose for recurrent UTI

Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections (RUTIs), where patients experience more than three UTI episodes in a year, or two in 6 months, are common among women, affecting up to 800000 women in the UK annually.

ORCHID 2 - Standardised Chinese Herbal Medicine for Menstrual Irregularity in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Nominal Group Technique and Prospective Observational Study

The aim of this project is to improve quality of life for people with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) by exploring new treatments for related oligo- and amenorrhoea (i.e. irregular or absent menstrual periods due to PCOS).


This trial is a multi-centred, pragmatic, double blinded randomised controlled feasibility study involving 4 groups of 20 women (given a 20% drop out this will require the recruitment of 96 women). There is a post trial follow up at 6 months.

Responsible for organising the RUTI trial.

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Teaching on complementary medicine for the 3rd year medical students select study unit.

Dr Andrew Flower
Primary Care and Population Sciences Faculty of Medicine University of Southampton Aldermoor Health Centre Aldermoor Close Southampton SO16 5ST Email:
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