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The University of Southampton
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Mr Jay Edward Self BM, FRCOphth, PhD

Associate Professor and Consultant Ophthalmologist

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Jay completed his higher specialist training in Paediatric Ophthalmology in Southampton and Manchester and his research training through an MRC Clinical Research Training Fellowship/PhD in Ophthalmic Molecular Genetics.

All of our research has the overarching aim of improving the lives of children with eye disorders

Jay’s research interests cover a range of disorders affecting vision in children including nystagmus, albinism, genetic disorders of the eye, amblyopia and paediatric cataract. His team combines expertise in genetics, bioinformatics, wet-lab modelling, eye-tracking and clinical trials.

Jay is an advisor to 4 vision charities, board member for two charities, Div B representative for the UHS hospital charity, and ambassador for one foundation. He works closely with the Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCOphth) in a number of roles including member of the genomics working group, member of the paediatric and academic subcommittees, chair of various national masterclass training courses and has represented the college for media communications and guideline development. He is an advocate of public engagement in science and has delivered many public address lectures and open floor sessions for over 10 years.

Jay and his team are passionate about translating research findings into clinical practice and improving the care for children with visual disorders by improving diagnostics, developing new treatments and ways of working and disseminating best practice.


2013-2015 : Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Ophthalmologist. University of Southampton

2011–2012 : Fellow in Paediatric Ophthalmology, Manchester Royal Eye Hospital.

2008–2011 : Senior Trainee and Honorary Visiting Lecturer, University of Southampton.

2005–2008 MRC Clinical Research Training Fellow and PhD student, University of Southampton.


Research interests

Jay’s research interests focus around translating research findings into changes in clinical practice leading to improvements in care for children with eye disorders. Much of his work focusses on identifying the genetic causes for inherited disorders and developing effective diagnostic workflows in order to improve the speed and accuracy of diagnosis in the clinic. He also has a number of projects seeking to identify and validate treatments for disorders such as albinism, nystagmus and amblyopia. He collaborates widely, both within the University of Southampton and with other centres worldwide in order to maximise the power and impact of his findings. He estabolished the Southampton Paediatric Clinical trial portfolio for Ophthalmology and is PI for a variety of portfolio, non-portfolio and commercial studies.

PhD Supervision

Ahmed Salman PhD

Chelsea Norman PhD

Luke O’Gorman PhD

Ilaria D’Atri PhD (Exeter University)

Research projects


Understanding the genetic causes of Nystagmus and Albinism

Exploring the genetic causes of ophthalmic disease in consanguineous populations with autozygocity mapping

Developing a robust clinical gene panel of Albinism and Nystagmus for the NHS

Exploring the role of a hand-held electrodiagnostic device in streamlining workflows and improving access in paediatric ophthalmology

Exploring the role of objective eye-tracking in the paediatric ophthalmology clinic

Combining eye-tracking with visual evoked potentials in children with nystagmus in order to improve the validity of testing methods

Developing a novel iPAD based app to measure the slow-to-see phenomenon in children with nystagmus

Using multifocal VEP to measure visual field defects in children

Developing a Core Outcome Set (COS) for future treatment trials in paediatric nystagmus and albinism

Studying the normal development of the corneal endothelium in children using specular microscopy

Providing proof-of-principle for the use of Translational Readthrough Inducing Drugs (TRIDs) to treat albinism

Studying the effect of circadian rhythm on occlusion therapy in children with amblyopia

Studying the efficacy of home vision testing for children with eye disease in order to reduce the appointment burden for clinical services and families.

Studying the effect of albinism on the aging retina

Interrogating the association of visual dysfunction and Hypoxic Ischaemic Encephalopathy (HIE) in term infants.

Understanding the role and route of support for patients and families with nystagmus in order to develop national clinical guidelines and improve support services.

Acting as PI for multicentre studies of amblyopia, cortical visual impairment and nystagmus.



Clinical and Experimental Sciences

Affiliate Department(s)

Clinical Neuroscience Research group

Section editor for RCOphth EYE journal

Member of RCOphth Genomics Working Group

UK Eye Genetics Group member (UKEGG)

Hearing and Sight GeCIP member for 100,000 genomes project

Member of the British Congenital Cataract Interest Group (BCCIG)

Member of the UoS BI-OMICS group

Member of the British Congenital Cataract Interest Group (BCCIG)

Cofounder and PI for the Southampton Eye Biobank

Member of the British Oculomotor Group (BOMG)

Gift of Sight Charity committee member

Ambassador for David Katz foundation

Medical advisor to INvision, Nystagmus Network, Aniridia UK and Albinism Fellowship UK.

Grant panel member for RETINAuk charity

Division B lead for UHS Hospital Charity

UHS eye unit coordinator for charity support

Invited session chair for the World Society of Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (WSPOS)

Member of the International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO) paediatric exam team

Invited moderator for ARVO conferences

Invited external advisor to an appointments panel for the University of Cardiff

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Undergraduate teaching lead for Ophthalmology and member of HENS group

Steering committee member for year 4 (Medicine)

Medical student BM5 and BM6 selector

Medical student BM4/5/6 project supervisor

Medical student BM4/5/6 finals examiner

Medical student BM4/5/6 ophthalmology research project deputy lead

Lecturer on MSc in Genomics course (2 modules)

Examiner and exam writer for the International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO) training paediatric ophthalmologists in over 80 countries.

RCOphth congress session chair

External PhD examiner for University College London (UCL)

Invited speaker and chair for RCOphth run NIHR masterclasses in clinical trials and paediatric cataract

Invited speaker for the ‘Science Café’ and ‘Pint of Science’ program of public scientific lectures

Grant reviewer for the Great Ormond Street (GOSH) charity

Invited speaker for the ‘Trends in Ophthalmology’ meeting at the Royal Society

Mr Jay Edward Self
Tel: +44 (0)23 8120 3617 E-mail:

Room Number: SGH/LD67/MP806

Telephone:(023) 8120 5049

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