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The University of Southampton
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Dr Miriam Santer MBBChir, MRCGP, PhD

Professor of Primary Care Research

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Dr Miriam Santer is Professor of Primary Care Research within Medicine at the University of Southampton and a GP at Denmark Road Medical Centre in Bournemouth.

GPs deal with a wide range of problems but often face gaps in the evidence-base on how to manage these. I aim to address some of these gaps

As a GP and clinical academic, Dr Santer leads research with a particular focus on skin conditions. While her main focus is primary care, she also aims to carry out research that reaches across primary and secondary care. She is interested in developing evidence to inform management of conditions including eczema, acne, skin infections, gout and the management of acute respiratory illnesses. She is particularly interested in developing support for self management for both acute illnesses and long term conditions.

Dr Santer previously completed a NIHR post-doctoral fellowship on exploring families’ experiences of caring for childhood eczema and developing self-management resources to support them in this. She was previously a MRC Health Services Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh, where she completed her PhD using mixed qualitative and quantitative methods to look at why women consult their GP for heavy menstrual bleeding. Her research methods include qualitative and quantitative research and pragmatic trials in primary care.

Research interests

Professor Santer is co-lead on an NIHR Programme Grant, Eczema Care Online, co-led by colleagues at the Centre of Evidence Based Dermatology at the University of Nottingham. This programme of research aims to develop and evaluate online resources to promote effective eczema self-care and address issues around topical corticosteroid use in eczema.

Professor Santer co-leads an NIHR HTA grant SAFA (Spironolactone for Adult Female Acne), which is a randomised trial of spironolactone vs placebo for the treatment of acne in women. The trial is recruiting through primary care, secondary care and social media advertising.

Other research interests include working with researchers from the Universities of Bristol, Cardiff and Nottingham on the NIHR HTA-funded BATHE trial (Bath Additives for the Treatment of cHildhood Eczema), NIHR HTA-funded BEE trial (Best Emollient for Eczema) and NIHR School for Primary Care TEST (Trial of Eczema allergy Screening Tests).


Please visit the Primary Care  website.


Primary Care, Population Sciences and Medical Education

Affiliate Department(s)

Research project(s)

BATHE Bath additives in the treatment of childhood eczema

CELLULITIS - Experiences of cellulitis and views about causation and prevention

CONTACT Colchicine or Naproxen Treatment for Acute Gout

ECO - Eczema Care Online

This programme of research aims to promote effective eczema self-care by improving individuals’ knowledge of eczema treatments and influencing attitudes, skills, and habits related to treatment use.   

Healthy Paths - Exploring primary care patients’ experience of an internet intervention ‘Healthy Paths’ for emotional distress

Understanding treatment burden and enhancing capacity for older people with chronic kidney disease

This study is exploring people’s experience of managing chronic kidney disease (CKD) - a common long-term condition affecting about a third of older people in the UK.

Qualitative study on community pharmacists’ perspectives of recommending herbal medicine in acute infections

• GP at Denmark Road Medical Centre, Bournemouth

• Research lead at Denmark Road Medical Centre, Bournemouth

• PhD supervisor

• Supervisor of medical BMedSci students

• Member of Society for Academic Primary Care Dermatology Special Interest Group

• Senior PPI lead for Southampton Primary Care Research

• Deputy lead for finance PPM



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Supervision of Duncan Platt, NIHR In-Practice Fellowship 2017-2019.

November 2019

Research led by the University of Southampton, which found one of the most widely used treatments for childhood eczema is not helpful, has won a prestigious research award.

Dr Miriam Santer
Primary Care and Population Sciences Aldermoor Health Centre Aldermoor Close Southampton SO16 5ST

Room Number: 9590 AHC/144/S2

Telephone:(023) 8059 1789
Facsimile:(023) 8070 1125

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