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The University of Southampton

Mr Reinder Broekstra LLB, MSc Psychology, (soon to be PhD)

Research Fellow

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University Medical Center Groningen

Reinder Broekstra conducts research into ethical legal and (psycho)social issues in genetics and genomics. His research interests focus on the implications of innovations, particularly with application of information technology. For example, the implications of consent, communication of findings, and other criteria for data repository in scientific research.

His research during his PhD investigated factors affecting willingness to contribute (personal data) to large-scale, centralized data repositories for scientific (biomedical) research, specifically biobanks.

Amongst other projects during his brief non-academic research career, he investigated the implications of introducing a mobile app for banking to the clients of a renowned bank in the Netherlands.

Philosophiae Doctor in Medical Sciences, University of Groningen, 2021

Master of Science in Psychology, University of Groningen, 2016

Bachelor of Laws, University of Groningen, 2015

Bachelor Psychology, University of Groningen, 2014

Appointments held online, Monday to Friday

Research interests

His key interests and expertise are in topics related to the implications of innovation in information technology and (non)participation in or (non)willingness to contribute to research, especially in the medical field.

Research projects

Consent, communication of findings, and other criteria for (genomic) biobanks (2020 – present)

The ongoing push to continuously tailor research and healthcare based on genetic data requires research into the challenges and opportunities this new data landscape might bring for professionals and for citizens, both patients and healthy participants in research studies. The theme of this project is investigation of ethical, legal, and psychosocial issues in biobanks operating on local, national, and international levels, in particular issues regarding consent and communication of genetic findings, with the aim of informing researchers, the organization of data repositories, and citizens.

This project will consider several overlapping issues in genetic medicine, starting within the setting of genomic biobanks[ 1 ]. It will focus on conducting multiple scientific studies and their reports in scientific journals, including a conceptual paper about current and upcoming ethical, legal, and psychosocial issues in genomics:

  • Consent and confidentiality
  • Incidental, additional and uncertain findings of genomic research
  • How research and clinical ventures overlap in genomics, or are alloyed together, and what issues this raises

[ 1 ] with a research purpose - Lifelines/UK biobank, diagnostics purpose - Geneticlines, or hybrid purpose - 100.000 Genomes Project

Research group

Cancer Sciences

Affiliate research group

Clinical Ethics and Law at Southampton

Research fellow at department of Genetics, ELSI-research group, University Medical Center Groningen.

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Mr Reinder Broekstra
Faculty of Medicine, Room AB215, Mailpoint 801, South Academic Block, University Hospital Southampton, Tremona Road, Southampton, SO16 6YD

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