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Dr Xiao-Yang (Mio) Hu PhD, MSc, BSc

Research Fellow

Dr Xiao-Yang (Mio) Hu's photo

Mio is a post-doctoral research fellow in the School of Primary Care, Population Sciences and Medical Education, Faculty of Medicine. 

Mio joined the department as a NIHR SPCR funded research fellow in the group of Prof George Lewith in 2016. She has been actively involved in leading and delivering a variety of research using quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods methodologies.

She is currently working as the primary researcher on several SPCR funded systematic reviews and clinical trials, to assess clinical effects and safety of herbal interventions in infectious diseases and gynaecological conditions.

I see integrative medicine as the future healthcare model. It is the optimum treatment considering conventional, complementary and alternative interventions. With its goals of health and healing it emphasises an individualised holistic approach, self-management, and the practitioner-patient relationship within multidisciplinary collaborative teams. It is evidence based, effective, safe and low cost.


BSc, Acupuncture, moxibustion and Tuina, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, China

MSc, Musculoskeletal Science, University College London, UK

PhD, Integrative Medicine in Musculoskeletal Disorders, London South Bank University (Royal London Hospital for Integrative Medicine, UCLH NHS Foundation Trust), UK

Appointments held

European Journal of Integrative Medicine, Elsevier

University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, UK

Guang An Men Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, China

Xi Yuan Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, China

Research interests

Evidence-based medicine alongside systematic reviews, clinical trials, and mixed methods research, in the field of integrative medicine.

PhD research

Integrative medicine in musculoskeletal disorders: a mixed methods study

Research projects:

Please visit the Primary Care website.

Southampton Clinical Trials Unit project
EXCALIBUR - Treating Acute EXacerbation of COPD with Chinese HerbAL MedIcine to aid AntiBiotic Use Reduction

Research group

Primary Care, Population Sciences and Medical Education

Affiliate research group

Research project(s)

A digital behaviour change intervention to help reduce the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak: A rapid co-design, implementation and evaluation project. (GERMDEFENCE)

Chinese Herbal medicine to aid AnTibiotic use reduction in exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (CHAT COPD)

Patients’ experiences of self-management interventions for chronic widespread pain including fibromyalgia: A systematic review and thematic synthesis (CWP Qualitative Review)

Qualitative study on community pharmacists’ perspectives of recommending herbal medicine in acute infections

Retrospective Survey of Prevention, Treatment, Occurrence and Outcomes of Covid-19 in the community (RTO-Covid-19)

This is a survey about what people have done to try and prevent and treat Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic.

ROSE - Rosa canina fruit (rosehip) for OsteoarthritiS: a cochrane rEview

This is an update of an existing Cochrane systematic review of oral herbal medicines for osteoarthritis; focusing specifically on Rosa Canina fruit. The Cochrane review aims to evaluate the benefits and harms of R. Canina fruit for symptoms of osteoarthritis in adults.

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Evidence based acupuncture in pain management

16-17-Open Module – Pain – 36505 (PSIO3039-36505-16-17)

Co-supervise medical and postgraduate students in the research group of Prof George Lewith 

Dr Xiao-Yang (Mio) Hu
Aldermoor Health Centre,
SO16 5ST

Room Number: 9590 AHC/143/S2

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