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Research project: CELLULITIS - Experiences of cellulitis and views about causation and prevention

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Cellulitis is a painful bacterial infection of the skin and underlying tissues, usually as a result of breaks in the skin allowing bacteria to get through. This is a survey and interview study of people who have had cellulitis to find out more about their views around the causes of cellulitis and their experiences of preventing recurrent episodes.

In particular, the study aims to explore understandings and concerns of people with a history of cellulitis about the causes and risk factors for cellulitis, possibility of recurrent cellulitis, methods for prevention of recurrence, any preventative practices they currently use or have tried, and preparedness to undertake regular preventative practices. This work will inform the development of strategies to reduce the risk of recurrent cellulitis and avoid antibiotic use for this condition.

Adults aged 18 or over with a history of cellulitis (both first and recurrent episodes) are eligible to participate in this study. Eligible participants will be invited through mail-out from primary care, opportunistic recruitment in secondary care and community advertising for both qualitative interviews and the survey. Participants can choose to take part in an interview or complete the survey, or take part in both. Semi-structured face to face interviews will be conducted with participants either in participants’ homes or at the university. Participants will be provided with a paper version of the survey or a link (included in the study information sheet) to an online survey.

The study aims to recruit 200 participants for the survey and approximately 30 participants for the qualitative study, subject to achieving data saturation for main themes.




Duration: July 2016 to September 2017





Cellulitis study
Cellulitis study

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