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The University of Southampton

Clinical Informatics Research Unit

The Clinical Informatics Research Unit (CIRU) operates as an applied research and enterprise unit within the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southampton.

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CIRU staff

The units core aims are:

Meeting the team at CIRU was invaluable. It gave me the opportunity to present a common clinical problem to a non-clinical team. Several meetings, emails and coffees later the ‘STAG’ concept was born.

CIRU is made up of five key service groups known as EDGE, CORE, AXIS, RESIN and KITE covering data management, form design, data integration, global health research and new concepts and clinical innovation design.


EDGE is a cloud-based Clinical Trials Management system which has successfully been embedded into the clinical research infrastructure for the UK and its devolved nations. Currently within 80% of England’s NHS regions, Scotland and Northern Ireland, EDGE is the front runner when it comes to research management systems. Since its launch in 2000, EDGE has grown from strength to strength and is not only used nationally but also has a growing number of international subscribers within both Canada and Belgium. Further pilot installations are planned in South America, the Far East and Australasia through 2018/2019.

CORE (Clinical On-demand Research)

CORE (Clinical On-demand Research) covers a range of expert services which include the design, build and running of electronic forms used in clinical trials across the UK and overseas. Not only does CORE create the forms you need, it also offers randomisation, data management and provides you with those all-important study statistics. CORE captures vital data for researchers working both in the academic world and commercial setting.

AXIS (Access Extract Integrate Safe Data)

AXIS (Access Extract Integrate Safe Data) are part of the NIHR Southampton Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) 5-year funding programme working within the Data Science Cross cutting theme. They have the ultimate mission to set up a framework where the clinical data extraction, transformation and integration with other research data could happen seamlessly and transparently. Creating safer data sharing and access. They aim to enhance the quality and quantity of clinical data extraction, making the process of obtaining clean and well-curated data from the clinical care services a much easier and obtainable process.

RESIN (Research Investments in Global Health Study)

RESIN (Research Investments in Global Health Study) is an analysis of global investments for health research, awarded from public and philanthropic funders. They are a multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary collaborative team who use award data from over 1000 national and international funders including the Wellcome Trust, Medical Research Council and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

KITE (Knowhow Ideas That Excite)

KITE (Knowhow Ideas That Excite) focuses on developing bespoke healthcare innovation applications, using informatics. The group is formed of members of the Electronics and Computer Science department from the University of Southampton. By using their skills and expertise, they are able to make ideas into reality.

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A Nurse using EDGE
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A Nurse using STAG
Slideshow image
Dr Mike Head (ResIn) Ghana Conference 2018
Slideshow image
Hang Phan and Florina Borca (CRDI)
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Prof James Batchelor and Conceptualist Constantin Tiron (KITE) in Ethiopia
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Prof James Batchelor speaking at Aspire EDGE Conference 2018
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