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The University of Southampton

MRC Confidence in Concept

About the scheme

With support from the MRC, the University has funding available to support health related translational projects which are at the stage of proof of concept (Confidence in Concept Awards)

Description of the scheme

Award amount and duration

Applicants can apply for up to £50k direct costs (in exceptional circumstances more will be considered) and we expect project durations to be between 6-12 months which will be dictated by the needs of each project. Projects should be ready to start upon confirmation of funding and must be completed and funds must be spent within 12 months of being awarded.


The funding will not support:


Round closes on the 1st October 2018.  Successful applicants will be notified in December 2018. To apply the application form and guidance notes are located under Useful Downloads at the bottom of this page.

Further information and queries

If you require further information or have any queries please contact Sue Mcdonald, Programme Manager,


Current and past awarded projects:

Project Title: Harnessing nanoclay gels for delivery of growth factors for bone repair.

Professor Richard Oreffo - Medicine
Dr Jonathan Dawson - Medicine

Project Title: Haptoglobin as a treatment for intracranial haemorrhage

Dr Ian Galea - Medicine

Project Title: Real-time Microbial Pathogen identification in Microbial Keratitis Using a Microfluidic Impedance Cytometry(MFIC)

Dr Parwez Hossain - Medicine
Professor Myron Christodoulides - Medicine
Dr Alison Hill - Medicine
Dr Daniel Spencer and Professor Hywel Morgan - FEPS

Project Title: Developing a near-patient tuberculosis test suitable for population screening

Professor Paul Elkington - Medicine
Dr Collin Sones - FEPS

Project Title: Experimental human challenge study with recombinant Neisseria lactamica expressing the meningococcal adhesin protein, Neisseria Adhesin A (NedA)

Dr Jay Laver - Medicine
Professor Robert Read - Medicine
Professor Saul Faust - Medicine

Project Title: StarHealer: a novel ultrasonically activated water stream device for wound management

Dr David Voegeli - FEPS
Dr Tom Secker - FELS
Professor Bill Keevil - FELS
Professor Myron Christodoulides - Medicine
Professor Tim Leighton - FEPS

Project Title: New chemical probes for targeting IDOL ubiquitin ligase

Professor Ali Tavassoli - FEPS

Project Title: Developing wearable sensor for real-time and continuous monitoring of lactate for sepsis and traumaB

Dr Xize Niu - FEPS
Professor Robert Crouch - FELS
Professor Charles Deakin - Medicine

Project Title: Engineered enhancements of ultrasonic stream cleaning and endoscopic cleaning for healthcare decontamination

Professor Tim Leighton - FEPS
Professor Bill Keevil - FELS
Dr Tom Secker - FELS

Project Title: Fast µCT scanning: confidence in concept for intraoperative use

Dr Peter Lackie - Medicine
Dr Philipp Schneider - FEPS
Dr Orestis Katsamenis - FEPS
Dr Aiman Alzetani - Medicine
Professor William Roche - Medicine

Project Title: Effect of lirilumab on an NK cell therapeutic vaccine

Professor Salim Khakoo - Medicine

Project Title: Targeting FcgRIIb to prevent alpha-synuclein propagation through the brain as a novel treatment for Parkinson’s Disease

Professor Jessica Teeling - FELS
Dr Ali Roghanian - Medicine
Professor Mark Cragg - Medicine

Project Title: Deciphering the biophysical rhythms of the womb during Early development using a NOvel battery-less and wireless sensing platform TEchnology (DENOTE) 

Professor Ying Cheong - Medicine
Professor Hywel Morgan - FEPS

Project Title: Bioactive nano-clay gels for healing diabetic foot ulcer

Dr Nicholas Evans - FELS
Dr Jonathan Dawson - Medicine

Review Panel

Professor Salim Khakoo - Associate Dean – Enterprise, Faculty of Medicine (UoS)  -  CHAIR
Professor John Holloway - Associate Dean – Research, Faculty of Medicine (UoS)
Professor Peter Smith - Director of The Institute for Life Sciences (UoS)
Professor Tim Leighton - Professor of Ultrasonic and Underwater Acoustics, Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering (UoS)
Professor Ying Cheong - Professor of Reproductive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine (UoS)
David Bream - Head of Business Acceleration (SetSquared), RIS (UoS)
Diana Galpin - Head of Technology Transfer and Impact Programmes, RIS (UoS)
Professor Paul Townsend - Associate Dean for Business Engagement, Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, (University of Manchester)
Dr Duncan Holmes - European Head, Discovery Partnerships with Academia, GlaxoSmithKlien

Useful Downloads

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