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The University of Southampton

Hailey Laurayne

Hailey Laurayne's Photo

“I had a couple of interviews at a number of universities during my application process, but Southampton presented such a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, I automatically knew that this was the university for me."

The general feel of the University as well as the people and professors made me feel right at home.

“But of course, that didn’t stop my being anxious about the move. It was the first time I was going to be away from home and I was moving to an entirely different time zone, culture and surroundings. But the general feel of the University as well as the people and professors made me feel right at home. There was also an international students group who met and a Caribbean gathering which also really helped. “

“I am also a member of MEDSOC, where there is a place for everyone. They put on all sorts of events, including the Underground Raid, where we go to the underground in London and raise money for the charities supported by MEDSOC. We raised a lot of funds for some really important causes and had a lot of fun."

“I’ve really enjoyed my course so far and I’ve been given a lot of support. The professors are very friendly and welcoming - they are there to answer any and every question you have. I also appreciate the large quantity of learning resources we are given access to."

“It’s been a great experience so far – and many moments to be proud of. I came into the course in September with my eyes on surgery, however, as I go deeper into the course my mind seems to change all the time! There are so many options open to me, which is very exciting. I have been most proud of my ability to adapt to such a drastic change in my life so quickly and I also received high marks in my peer review for SSUI [BA1] which was brought to my attention by the module leader, which made me feel very proud."

“I would advise anyone thinking of doing Medicine to consider Southampton but don’t take your time at Southampton for granted! Yes, you are here for your education –which is provided to you in an excellent fashion – but you are also here to enjoy yourself! Work hard, but play hard too"
“When I was in the position of deciding where to do my studies, my mind was in constant panic mode, but please do not panic! Just keep it in mind that you have done everything you could possibly do to get where you are. Medicine is not an easy course – it takes serious dedication and determination. If you are willing to put that in, you’ll have the time of your life at university, especially if you choose Southampton.”

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