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Prarthana Venkatesh BM5

Prarthana Venkatesh's Photo

“I chose the University of Southampton primarily because I loved the fact that the Faculty of Medicine encourages patient contact from the very first weeks of the course. And I’m happy to say that the amazing opportunities have continued throughout the years. I’m currently in the midst of my third-year research project and I’m loving the self-direction and freedom that this semester is allowing me. My project in paediatric cardiology is interesting and has allowed me to gain a better understanding of a field that I have always found fascinating.

I love that Medicine in Southampton is a balance between work and play and isn’t too strenuous if you manage your time well."

My BMedSci research project in the first semester of third year was in paediatric cardiology, a field that I have always been interested in. By having a full semester to delve into the depths of my topic and engage in research, I have been able to explore a field that I might choose to pursue.

“Before starting my first year, I had all the usual concerns about beginning university but being an international student, my main concern was dealing with the distance from home. I needn’t have worried - as soon as I moved into halls, there were so many events and opportunities to meet people that I found it very easy to settle in and make friends."

“Southampton is such a student-friendly city too – everywhere you go, even if it’s just to the supermarket, it’s impossible not to run into friends and old flatmates. The social scene is also great with lots of things to do in and around the city."

“The University offers so many extra-curricular activities that it’s hard not get involved and I seem to have dedicated myself to these since my first year.  I am part of the committee of Wessex Critical Care Program, an inter-professional society, dedicated to emergency medicine and through this, I have had the opportunity to participate in critical care conferences, organise widely-attended lectures on key clinical topics and learned so much about the field."

“My advice to new medical students would be to throw yourself into as many societies as you can manage! Getting involved in societies, especially university-wide, is the best way to meet people you might not come across through your course. It’s been a real benefit to my University experience."

“Through these organisations I’ve also had the opportunity to be Vice-President of the Oncology Society and Treasurer of the University of Southampton Heartstart Club, where I’ve been able to teach basic life support skills to young people all over Southampton. I’ve also been able to take part in peer teaching sessions for neurology and immunology, all of which, have been very rewarding."

“My time in Southampton has been made special by all the amazing people I have met and all the opportunities I have had access to. Highlights of my time here include a range of events that I have helped organise, from a national neuroanatomy completion to the biggest non-academic event at Southampton—the Hindu society Diwali ball. I’m proud of the leadership roles that I have undertaken in societies, the events I have been involved with, as well as my academic success since starting the course.  Most of all, I’m proud to say that I have built strong friendships, become more independent and can now call Southampton a second home."

“I have not yet decided what field of medicine or surgery to pursue but some of the fields I am considering are surgery, cardiology, and neurology. Whatever I chose, I know my experiences at Southampton will undoubtedly put me in good stead for the next stage of my academic experience and my future career.”

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