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The University of Southampton

Online Primer in Genomic Medicine

This course represents a short, sharp burst of the basic essentials required to be conversant in contemporary medical genomics. It is delivered at a high level to provide an informative overview. Our online learning materials comprise a blend of oral presentations interspersed with interactive quizzes and digital learning tools to assist in understanding key concepts.

Why study the course

Medical genomics has emerged as a key technology underpinning medical diagnostics. Appreciation of key concepts, as well as the specific issues surrounding informed consent for individual patients and their wider family group, represent areas requiring improved understanding, awareness and training in clinical medicine.

Who can study the course

The course is targeted towards a broad group of healthcare professionals who may or may not be directly involved with any applications of medical genomics in their workplace but who require basic knowledge. Previous participants of the course are drawn from diverse backgrounds and have included nurses, consultants, matrons, pharmacists, healthcare and biomedical scientists as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Course contents

Medical genomics is a complex area. This course will ‘demystify’ and explain specialist terminology.

The course covers all aspects from genome structure through to the understanding of a typical genomics clinical report that may appear within a patient’s notes. Additional content includes:

  • basics of genome structure/architecture
  • how genetic variation causes disease
  • typical inheritance patterns
  • summary of contemporary genomic sequencing with workshops demonstrating application to rare diseases, cancer diagnostics and stratification
  • the importance of accurate, comprehensive clinical phenotyping
  • the concepts of genomic sequencing alignment, calling and annotation
  • issues surrounding informed consent, accidental findings and information governance

Course duration

The course has been divided into easy sections that can be covered intensely over a single day, or spread across multiple days to fit in with your working life. You will be granted access to course materials for up to 30 days. Course cost £100.

You can register on our Registration Page.  

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