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The University of Southampton

Periconceptional Medicine


Life-long health starts before conception.

The periconceptional environment, within both women and men, can influence eggs and sperm and shape the way the embryo develops, implants and grows. Health and nutritional status influence the reproductive tract environment that supports gametes and embryos. Coordinated dialogue between the developing embryo and its environment is key to a successful pregnancy and optimal health across the life-course.

The Periconceptional Medicine research group investigates health determinants acting around conception. We delineate how factors such as diet, health status and disease influence the cross-talk between the maternal reproductive tract and developing embryo. Using molecular, physiological and whole systems approaches, we aim to identify crucial biological pathways. Collaborative efforts with Southampton’s MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit and Biomedical Research Centre facilitate bench to bedside translation, to develop interventions that optimise life-long health.

Our research focuses on:

The Periconceptional Medicine group liaise and work closely with multidisciplinary health care professionals, the public and students of all ages through seminars, media, open days, science modules and school visits.

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