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Improving survival rates for patients diagnosed with lymphoma

A multidisciplinary research team at the University of Southampton has driven major advances in lymphoma care leading to the development and standardisation of new antibody treatments and optimal drug regimens. Our research has influenced care internationally and our findings underpin significant improvements in survival rates and life quality for the 14,000 people affected in the UK each year.

Research Challenge

For many of those diagnosed with lymphoma, the fifth most common cancer in the UK, standard treatment is intensive and toxic chemotherapy. However this can cause multiple complications for patients and is ineffective for those with chemotherapy-resistant lymphoma. New approaches to treatment are a priority, and monoclonal antibodies have had a major impact upon survival rates


Although antibody treatments have proven useful in lymphoma, their mechanism of action was unclear, impeding progress in selecting which patients would derive most benefit. Similarly, conventional chemotherapy and radiotherapy required optimisation to balance efficacy against toxicity.

Our Solution

Academics at the University of Southampton's Cancer Sciences Unit directed two innovative trials which exposed for the first time the relationship between the lymphoma and how antibodies work in treatment

A further trial in Hodgkin lymphoma established the chemotherapy treatment that delivered the best outcomes, and confirmed the role of radiotherapy in optimising cure rates. This led directly to a new international trial using functional imaging to select the best treatment for best survival rates, fewer complications and lower toxicity.

The Impact

Our research has driven major advances in international standards for lymphoma care and resulted in the development of new antibodies for its treatment. This has greatly improved survival rates and quality of life for people affected by the disease and reduced healthcare costs across the NHS.

Findings from our research and the resulting improved treatments have been widely covered in the media including BBC broadcast channels and national newspapers.

Study advances international standards for lymphoma care
Lymphoma survival improved

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