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The University of Southampton
Monitoring of Engineered and Natural Systems Using Sensors

Launch event Event

launch event
6 January 2016
University of Southampton

Event details

This event at the University of Southampton welcomed over 80 staff and students for the launch of MENSUS: a multidisciplinary group of researchers interested in Monitoring of Engineered and Natural Systems using Sensors

Launch event Agenda


University of Southampton, Monday 6th January 2016


Time Presenter Topic

13:15 Lunch available in the lower foyer of building 29

14:00 Dr Ling Wang Welcome and Introduction

System characterisation

14:10 Dr Tim Waters Theme overview

14:13 Dr Emilano Rustighi Detection and assessment of underground utilities

14:16 Dr Joel Smethurst Transport infrastructure: piles and slopes

14:19 Prof David Simpson Biomedical signal processing

14:22 Dr Nicola Symonds Axle bearing degradation

14:25 Questions - 5 minutes

Sensors and devices

14:30 Dr Chris Holmes Theme overview

14:33 Prof John Atkinson Thick film (screen printed) sensors

14:36 Dr Natalie Wheeler Optical sensors

14:39 Dr Xize Niu Microfluidics/lab-on-a-chip sensors

14:42 Prof Steve Beeby MEMS and Textile Sensors

14:45 Questions - 5 minutes

Energy Harvesting

14:50 Prof Neil White Theme overview

14:53 Dr Nick Harris Novel wind harvesting systems

14:56 Dr Alex Weddell Energy harvesting for engine condition monitoring

14:59 Krongboon Singhanat Opportunistic Direct Interconnection between Wireless Sensor Networks

15:02 Dr Iris Nandhakumar Novel thermoelectric materials

15:05 Questions - 5 minutes

15:10 COFFEE BREAK - 30 mins

System Integration and mission plans

15:45 Prof Janice Barton Theme overview

15:48 Dr Rachael Tighe Quantitative thermographic assessment of structures in-situ

15:52 Prof Ole Thomsen Integrated testing, monitoring and simulation of large wind turbine blade structures subjected extreme loading conditions

15:55 Dr Sally Bennett Novel instrumentation for towing tank testing

15:58 Josef Camilleri Full-scale measurements on a high-speed craft in waves

16:02 Dr Joe Banks Full-body sensor networks in elite sport

16:05 Questions - 5 minutes

Big data and analytics

16:10 Prof Honor Powrie Theme overview

16:13 Dr Zoheir Sabeur Big data analytics and reasoning for critical industrial drilling operations and decision-support

16:16 Dr Markus Luczak-Rosch Context-free data analysis with Transcendental Information Cascades

16:19 Prof Paul White Monitoring Fin Whales off the Galician Coast: Drowning in Data?

16:22 Dr Chris Phethean The European Data Science Academy project

16:25 Questions - 5 minutes

16:30 Dr Ling Wang Closing Comments

16:45 Drinks reception in the lower foyer of building 29

Speaker information

Dr Emiliano Rustighi,Associate Professor within Engineering and the Environment at the University of Southampton.

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