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Following the successes in our previous years, the University of Southampton is once again delighted to invite colleagues and friends accross the City to participate in our Mexico week 2018.

This programme of events hosted by the University's centre for Mexico-Southampton Collaboration (MeXsu) will showcase contemporary Mexican artistic, cultural and social activities.

We are being joined by a range of Southampton cultural organisations who will be staging events, including Turner Sims, John Hansard Gallery, Studio 144, City Eye and the Southampton Film Festival. The Mexican Embassy in London and Southampton City Council have also given us their strong support.

The timing of this week coincides with the famous Mexican celebrations of the Day of the Dead, for which there will be Altars set up at the Avenue Campus and the Students’ Union.

On behalf of the organising committee, we look forward to seeing you for some or all of the celebrations.

Professor Clare Mar-Molinero
Director of MeXsu




Centre for Mexico-Southampton Collaboration
Centre for Mexico-Southampton Collaboration

Past events

Plenary conference: Ideologies and Language Policies in Science and Higher Education.
Do we really want to adopt Trumpish monolingualism and monolithic thinking?

Prof. Rainer Enrique Hamel from Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM) Mexico City.

Science and higher education (SHE) constitute a privileged field to observe an outstanding component of globalisation: the expansion of English as the only hyper-central, global language (de Swaan, Calvet) that is dislocating other languages of significant historical range such as French, Spanish or Portuguese from the international arena; English is at the same time penetrating their national territories, promoted by an ideological discourse that presents the advancement of English as a natural and neutral phenomenon, backed by no agency, inevitable and at the same time desirable.

In the field of SHE control is exercised through selection, exclusion and hierarchisation by ranking systems established for universities, disciplines, publications and scholars. Largely extra-linguistic arguments sustain the hegemony of English and its increasing monopoly in SHE. In the Hispanic world, as well as in other large language communities, awareness is growing that a shift to English monopoly would do a disservice to their field of SHE. Prof. Rainer Enrique Hamel will sketch some experiences of alternative plurilingual models that emerge in Latin America universities and elsewhere.

The talk as part of the Spanish in Society (SiS) conference took place on Thursday 30th March, 2017 from 2:00-3:15 PM. Avenue campus/seminar room 1177 in the University of Southampton.


Indigenous Resistance in Contemporary Mexico: The struggle of the Chiapas zoques, the National Indigenous Congress and the proposal of an independent candidate to the presidency of the republic in 2018. Fortino Dominguez Rueda (zoque from Chapultenango, Chiapas, Lecturer at University of Guadalajara, Mexico and member of Centro de Lengua y Cultura Zoque A.C) analysed the current political and humanitarian crisis in Mexico and considered how this relates to indigenous resistance struggle.

"Hip Hop Revolucion/Hip Hop Revolution" directed by Pablo Navarrete. Alborada Films.British activist Jody McIntyre travels to Venezuela with UK-Iraqui rapper Lowkey to spend time with "Hip-Hop Revolucion", a dynamic collective of musical revolutionaries. They witness their inspiring grassroots work and share music and ideas, exploring the cultural and political changes taking place in the country. At its heart, this film is about the power of music, community and the spirit of rebellion. Pablo Narravete joined us to discuss the film after the screening.

In December, 2016 The Centre for Mexico Southampton collaboration hosted Dr Carlos Valdez who talked about Volcano activity and other natural hazards in Mexico and its impact on surrounding rural communities and urban settlements. Dr Valdez explained how natural hazards are monitored on a daily baisis to ensure the safety of the populations at risk in Mexico.

Mexico Week 2015
Southampton celebrated its Mexico Week once again in November 2015! As part of "The Year of Mexico in the United Kingdom" MexSu and the University of Southampton organised a series of academic and cultural workshops, lectures, music, films, as well as the famous Day of the Dead party! Link to the event on Facebook

December 2014

Ayotzinapa: Human Rights and Violence in Mexico
Seminar in response to the disappearance of the 43 student teachers from Ayotzinapa, Mexico, and to mark Human Rights Day. Link to the event on Facebook

May 2014

Mexico Weekend
During the weekend of 16-18 May there were a number of events around Southampton celebrating Mexican culture, including music, dance and films. All students, staff and the general public were invited to participate in all these events.

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October 2013

Primary and secondary School visits to the Day of the Dead Altar.
During the week of the altar display, MEXSU welcomed pupils and staff from local primary and secondary schools who came to visit the altar, receive a short talk from University Staff/students, learn some Spanish and do the Dia de los Muertos quiz. This event takes place every year.

Nov 2012

Dr Hettie Malcomson, Writer/Producer in Mexico.
Music, Race and Difference: Cuba, popular music and the Port of Veracruz.
Wednesday 28 November 2012 / 5:15pm / Room 1097 (Avenue Campus)

MEXSU welcomed Dr Hettie Malcolmson to talk about her ethnographic fieldwork of the popular music-dance form 'danzón', and its links with discourses around origins, race and difference in Mexico. Read the abstract for this seminar.

Oct-Nov 2012

Mexico Week
This week-long programme of events was hosted by the University’s Centre for Mexico-Southampton Collaboration (MeXsu) to promote and share contemporary Mexican artistic, cultural and social activities in a range of Southampton cultural venues including the Turner Sims, The Nuffield Theatre and the Harbour Lights Picturehouse.

May 2012

Jonathan Bonfiglio, Writer/Producer in Mexico. New Worlds: Crisis, Aspiration and The Clipperton Project
Wednesday 2 May 2012 / 5:15pm / Room 1175 (Avenue Campus)

Jonathan is the Director and Expedition Leader of the Clipperton Project and talked about this international initiative, based in Mexico, that focuses on expeditions to remote territories that have experienced a complicated and controversial history.

February 2012

Dr Claire Taylor: Mapping the Americas Online: Latin(o) American and the Aesthetic Production of Space.
A joint MEXSU/TNS/Life Histories talk from Dr Claire Taylor from the University of Liverpool.

March 2011

Judith Macgregor, British Ambassador in Mexico. 'Careers in the Diplomatic Service'
Monday 7 March / 5:45-6:00 pm / Lecture Theatre C (Avenue Campus)

Ambassador Judith Macgregor joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 1976, has worked in Poland, Hungary, France, the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia and now Mexico. She has had many diverse and fascinating roles and portfolios. She spoke inspiringly about careers in the diplomatic service from her deep knowledge and experience, and gave students an opportunity to talk to her and ask questions.

November 2010

Day of the Dead Altar display from 1-5 November, with popular Mexican music performed by Óscar Chavez.

Production, direction and animation of traditional rural imagery 1850-1950, Paul Leduc 1995.

October 2010 (and throughout the year)

Mexican film screening series, including films such as Gringo Viejo (dir Luis Puenzo), El Espinazo del Diablo (dir. Guillermo del Toro), Sólo con tu Pareja (dir. Alfonso Cuarón), and more.

March 2010

Visit of Mexican Ambassador to the UK, His Excellency Eduardo Medina Mora, accompanied by Minister of Culture Ignacio Durán Loera, and Second Secretary Laura Elisa García.

February 2010

Miguel Molina: A journalist on Climate Change and Latin America.
MEXSU welcomed Miguel Molina, journalist for the BBC World Service - BBC Mundo and currents affairs of the Latin American section to talk on Climate Change and Latin America. A discussion panel chaired by Tony Campbell (Modern Languages) explored issues from the macro to the local. Panel members were: Amanda Boulter (Transition Initiative - Winchester University), Mark Levene (Crisis Forum - Southampton University), Nick Bardsley (Move towards transition – Southampton University), Dave Mckay (Green Action - Student perspectives). Chaired by Tony Campbell - Spanish and Latin American Studies – Modern Languages

January 2010

Visit of British Ambassador to Mexico
In January 2010, the UK ambassador to Mexico, Judith Macgregor, visited the University. As part of the visit, a session was organised for the Ambassador to speak to students about the role of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s missions around the world and the responsibilities attached to being the British Ambassador to Mexico as well as to share suggestions on how students could pursue a career as a Diplomat.

December 2009

Ángeles González Gamio: De la ciudad de Moctezuma al México contemporáneo
Mexican writer, historian and member of the council of the Human Rights Commission of Mexico City Ángeles González Gamio, talks about fascinating facts on the history of Mexico's capital since the days of the Moctezuma empire.

October 2009

Traditional Mexican Altar designed by the University of Southampton's Mexican Society (Mexsoc) and MEXSU Centre

Lecture by Dr. Francisco Javier Ullán de la Rosa (Anthropologist, University of Alicante): Mexican altars to the ancestors - metaphors of Mexican identity bridging the past and the future.

Mexican gastronomic feast and party for Day of the Dead.

Primary and secondary School visits to the Day of the Dead Altar.
During the week of the altar display, MEXSU welcomed pupils and staff from local primary and secondary schools who came to visit the altar, receive a short talk from University Staff/students, learn some Spanish and do the Dia de los Muertos quiz.

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