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The University of Southampton
The Music Focus Group


MFG Research Activities

AHRC Compositions for Cochlear Implantees: Through a unique series of composition workshops, this project will explore aspects of music that can be appreciated by CI users. This knowledge will be used to guide the development of music (re)habilitation materials and compositions specifically for CI users.

Evaluation of Music Rehabilitation Programme: An online music training resource for cochlear implant users has been developed at the University of Southampton. Aim of this project is to investigate the effects of this programme on music listening by cochlear implant users and assess its efficiency.

Towards a New Clinical Protocol for Tuning Cochlear Implants: This study concerns the development of a new and more extensive hearing test protocol for tuning cochlear implants using music and psychoacoustic tests.

Evaluation and Review of Pitch Perception Tests: Many music perception test materials include tests of pitch discrimination and ranking. In the current study, results from these tests, using both listeners with normal hearing and cochlear implant users, will be compared and evaluated.


Compositions for Cochlear Implantees
Compositions for Cochlear Implantees
Evaluation of Music Perception Tests
Evaluation of Music Perception Tests
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