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Follow-on funding for C4CI project

Ref:01 October 2012

Further funding for a year has been awarded to the team to develop the Interactive Music Awareness Programme (IMAP) for CI users into an online resource!

In the original 'Compositions for Cochlear Implantees' project a series of consultations and workshops were organised to 1) explore the abilities, needs and desires of CI users; 2) develop ideas and prototype software for a music rehabilitation programme; and 3) raise awareness of strategies and resources for improving access to music.

Feedback strongly suggested that a music rehabilitation programme should be interactive, creative, open-ended, educational and challenging. Furthermore, it was evident that CI users wanted a resource that not only enabled them to develop their music perception abilities, but also helped them to re-engage with music. This led to the development of the IMAP.

The IMAP comprises an interface that links to standalone applications, which enable users to access music by creating, manipulating and playing with it. Due to time and technical constraints, the IMAP is currently available on USB memorystick.

The principal aim of this follow-on project is therefore to develop the IMAP into an online resource, making it freely and readily accessible to CI users worldwide.

A second aim of this follow-on project is to extend the applications to include artists and both existing and novel compositions from a wider range of genres to ensure that the IMAP will appeal, and be relevant to CI users with differing music preferences, hearing histories, social and cultural backgrounds. This will also help to expose CI users to music that may be more accessible through their implant, which they may not have previously considered.

A third aim of this follow-on project is to promote and support IMAP use by developing a training programme and workshop for service providers and CI users in the UK, and through online training resources and guides for service providers and CI users further afield.

This second phase of the C4CI project will start in February 2013. For more information contact Rachel van Besouw or Ben Oliver.

Follow-on funding
C4CI extended by a year

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