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The University of Southampton
Imaging and Microscopy Centre

Live imaging

Deltavision Elite

Equipment: Deltavision Elite Live 2D/3D timelapse Imaging system

Location: 85/3105 Highfield campus

Type: Inverted, motorised fluorescence/brightfield microscope

Hardware autofocus: Yes

Onboard deconvolution: Yes

Live imaging chamber: Yes

Objectives: 10x, 20x, 40x oil 60x oil.

DIC: Yes

Stage: Motorised

Mosaic image stitching: Yes

High-speed Ratiometric imaging: FITC/TRITC

Camera: sCMOS 2200 x 2200 pixels

Filtersets: (LED) DAPI, CFP, FITC, YFP, TRITC, mCherry, CY5, High-speed FITC/TRITC

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