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The University of Southampton
Imaging and Microscopy Centre

Molecular Biophotonics and Imaging lab

The Biophotonics lab hosts several development systems and is staffed by 2 post-doctoral research fellows and 7 postgraduate students.

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Alongside traditional single photon imaging of fluorescently labelled bio samples, the systems in the Biophotonics lab are capable of multiphoton fluorescence imaging of both labelled and unlabelled samples.

Imaging capabilities also include structurally and chemically specific imaging using Second Harmonic Generation and Coherent Raman on both inverted and upright microscopes, allowing label-free and live imaging of key bio-molecules such as Collagen, Lipids, Protein and DNA.

High-speed, high-resolution volumetric imaging can also be achieved via Light Sheet microscopy using a combination of both labelled and label free techniques


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