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Joshua Welsh


Joshua Welsh
Joshua Welsh

I first became aware of microvesicles whilst completing my undergraduate 3rd year research project, where I studied platelet-derived microvesicles.

Currently I am researching the modulation of leukocyte microvesicles in acute ischaemic stroke. Whilst doing this I have become particularly interested in developing microvesicle analysis. This has led me to developing collaborations outside of the faculty and acquiring knowledge in the physics and engineering as well as the biology surrounding the topic. I have been fortunate enough to work with industry to apply this knowledge to the development of equipment for our lab. This in turn has allowed our research group to analyse microvesicles to a much higher resolution than many groups are currently capable of.

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2013-2016 - Lab Demonstrator - BIOL2010: The flow of genetic information

2013-2016 - STEM Ambassador - Winchester Science Centre & LifeLab

2014-2015 - Treasurer - Life Sciences Postgraduate Society

2015-2016 - Tutor - The Brilliant Club

2015-Present - Journal Reviewer - The Brilliant Club

2015-2016 - President - Life Sciences Postgraduate Society

2016-Present - Postdoctoral Research - University of Southampton


2010-2013 - B.Sc (Hons) Physiology with Pharmacology - University of Leciester

2013-2016 - Ph.D. Clinical Medicine - University of Southampton

2014-2015 - ILTeR (PCAP Module 1) - University of Southampton


2010 | University Academic Scholarship

2013 | Best Overal 3rd Year Experimental Project

2014 | Young Extraordinary Brits Award: Innovation

2014 | Invited Speaker: Thermo Fisher Scientific, Eugene, USA

2015 | British Council Researcher Links Award

2015 | Invited Speaker: Extracellular Vesicle Workshop, Moscow, Russia

2015 | ISAC Student Travel Award

2015 | Associate Fellow of Higher Education Academy (AFHEA)

2016 | Invited Speaker: Hong Kong University, Hong Kong

2016 | British Council: Research Links/Newton Award

2016 | Invited Speaker: Centre for Cardiovascular Science, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

2016 | ISAC Student Travel Award

2016 | International Conference Attendance Fund, University of Southampton

2016 | Invited Speaker: Thermo Fisher Scientic, Eugene, USA

2016 | Invited Speaker: OPTIMA, University of Edinburgh, Scotland


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