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The University of Southampton


Our members range across a number of disciplines in Social Sciences and Humanities.

Dr Heidi Armbruster

Senior Lecturer, German Studies, Modern Languages (postcolonial German migration to Namibia; memory, gender, identity), University of Southampton

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Dr Jakub Bijak

Associate Professor in Demography (modelling and forecasting population flows), Social Sciences, University of Southampton

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Professor Marion Demossier

Professor of French and European Studies at the University of Southampton, Head of Department of Modern Languages

"My research lies in an anthropological interpretation of how global forces and policies impact on specific groups and 'communities'. It aims to provide an understanding of the articulation of global concerns at local level by contributing to the debate about 'politics in places'. Using multi-sited and long-term ethnography, my argument is that policy-making needs to be influenced by a more informed and bottom-up approach which will enable policy-makers to engage further with the effects of their policies."

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Professor Jane Falkingham

Professor of Demography; Dean of Human and Social Sciences (demographic change and distribution of welfare), University of Southampton

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Dr Corrado Giulietti

Associate Professor in Economics, Social Sciences, University of Southampton

"The focus of my research is the study of the economics determinants and effects of migration. My main research fields are Labour Economics and Development Economics, with particular focus on migration.”

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Professor Vicky Hosegood

Professor of Demography and Family Health, Social Sciences, University of Southampton

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Professor Pauline Leonard

Professor of Sociology (gender, work, organization, identity, age), Social Sciences, University of Southampton

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Dr Ana Margheritis

Reader in International Relations & Director of PAIR Programmes, Coordinator of Migration@Southampton Research Network, University of Southampton
Associate Fellow, ILAS, School of Advanced Study, University of London

"My special interests are transnational migration, diaspora engagement policies, regional migration policies as well as diaspora politics and governance."

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Professor Ulrike‎ Hanna Meinhof

Professor of Professor of Modern Languages, Director of the Research Centre for Transnational Studies, Modern Languages/ Humanities, University of Southampton

"My current project is an AHRC Follow-on-Funding project: Madagascar in the World. The Impact of Music on Global Concerns. It is following in from my previous AHRC Research project: TNMundi. Diaspora as social and cultural practice 2006-2010."

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Professor David Owen

Professor of Social & Political Philosophy, Social Sciences, Unversity of Southampton

"My special interest is in political theory of migration and citizenship focusing especially on transnational citizenship, refugees and statelessness, high skilled labour migration and brain drain/gain, temporary and irregular migration."

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Dr Regina Rauxloh

Associate Professor, University of Southampton Law School

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Dr Silke Roth

Associate Professor in Sociology, Director of Undergraduate Programmes, Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology, Social Sciences, University of Southampton

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Dr Bindi Shah

Lecturer in Sociology (migration, citizenship, belonging, religion, gender), Social Sciences, University of Southampton

"My expertise is in the areas of migration and religion, with a focus on belonging and citizenship among Asian American and British South Asian second-generation, religion, diapora and development in Gujarat, India, and discourses on migration to Britain on social media."

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Dr Maria Villares-Varela

Lecturer in Sociology within Social Sciences, University of Southampton.
Research Associate, International Migration Institute, University of Oxford
Research Associate, Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship, University of Birmingham.

“My research interests are migrant entrepreneurship, migrant family businesses, gendered and class-based experiences of work, high skilled migration, with a specific focus on Latin American migration”

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Dr Julie Vullnetari

Lecturer in Human Geography (migration and development; conflict and coerced migration), Geography and Environment, University of Southampton

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Professor Jackie Wahba

Professor of Economics, Social Sciences, Unversity of Southampton

"My research interest is in the economics of migration and return migration."

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Mr Sam Wilding

Senior Research Assistant in Primary Care and Population Sciences. 

"I am interested in health as a determinant and consequence of migration, and the effect of migration on regional inequalities in health outcomes and behaviours. My thesis is titled “(Un)healthy migrants: unpacking the relationship between health and migration within Great Britain”

Dr Nana Zhang

Dr Nana Zhang is Lecturer in Sociology within Social Sciences at the University of Southampton.

"My research interests are labour and migration, gender, development, children and childhoods, human trafficking, with a reference to China."

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