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Individual migration publications

Demossier, Marion

‘Sarkozy and Roma: performing securitization’. The Anthropology of Security: Perspectives from the Frontline of Policing Counter-terrorism and Border Control edited by Mark Maguire, Catarina Frois and Nils Zurawski. (London, Pluto Press, 2014).

Handbook of French Politics, Society and Culture, edited by M. Demossier, D. Lee, A. Mondon, N. Parish (Routledge, forthcoming 2018).

Giulietti, Corrado

“Remittances and Relative Concerns in Rural China” (with A. Akay, O. Bargain, J.D. Robalino and K.F. Zimmermann), China Economic Review, 37, pp191–207, 2016

“Sibling Influence on the Human Capital of the Left Behind” (with C. Biavaschi and K.F. Zimmermann), Journal of Human Capital, 2015, 9 (4)

Ethnic Diversity and Well-Being” (with A. Akay, A.F. Constant and M. Guzi), IZA DP 9726, 2015

Racial Discrimination in Local Public Services: A Field Experiment in the US” (with M. Tonin and M. Vlassopoulos), IZA DP 9290, 2015

Margheritis, Ana

Ana Margheritis. Shaping Migration between Europe and Latin America: New Perspectives and Challenges. London: SAS Publications. 2018. Editor.

 Ana Margheritis. “Extra-territorial Policies in Latin America. The case of Argentina,” CadernosProlam/USP – BrazilianJournal of Latin American Studies, Vol. 17, No. 32, pp. 43-65, Jan-Jun 2018.

Ana Margheritis. “South American Regional Citizenship as Figurative Frontier: European Influences in a Political Project in the Making,” in Shaping Migration between Europe and Latin America: New Perspectives and Challenges, ed. by Ana Margheritis, 2018, pp. 93-112.

Ana Margheritis. “The Inclusion Paradox of Enfranchising Expats in Latin America,” International Migration, 55(2): 126-143, April, 2017.

Ana Margheritis. “International Migration in South America: Emerging Forms of Governance,” in Routledge Handbook of South American Governance, ed. by P. Riggirozzi and C. Wylde, London: Routledge, 2017, pp. 415-427.

Ana Margheritis. “Argentinos en el exterior: desafíos actuales de su inclusión política en el país de origen” [Argentines Abroad: Contemporary Challenges Posed by Political Inclusion in their Country of Origin], América Latina Hoy, Vol. 76, pp. 59-77, August 2017.

Ana Margheritis, Brasileiros no Mundo. A Global Approach to Governing Populations Abroad? International Affaris, 93(3): 607-623, May, DOI:

Ana Margheritis, Transnational Associational Life and Political Mobilization of Ecuadorians and Argentines in Spain and Italy: What Role for Sending State Policies? Diaspora: A Journal of Transnational Studies, Vol. 19, Issue 2/3 (2010), pp. 254-280.

Ana Margheritis, Migration Governance across Regions: State-Diaspora Relations in the Latin American-Southern Europe Corridor, New York and London: Routledge, 2016, 204 pp. (BOOK)

Ana Margheritis, “Redrawing the Contours of the Nation-State in Uruguay? The Vicissitudes of Emigration Policy in the 2000s,” International Migration Review, Vol. 49, No. 4, Winter 2015, pp. 907-944.

Ana Margheritis, “MERCOSUR’s Post-Neoliberal Approach to Migration: From Workers’ Mobility to Regional Citizenship,” in Cantor, D. J., L. F. Freier, and J.P. Gauci, eds., A Liberl Tide? Immigration and Asylum Law and Policy in Latin America, London, UK: Institute of Latin American Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London, 2015, pp. 57-80.

David Ayón and Ana Margheritis, “El giro latino de Obama ¿Estrategia de cambio estructural?” (Obama’s Latin Shift: A Strategy of Structural Change?), Foreign Affairs Latinoamérica, 15-2 April 2015, pp. 2-11.

Ana Margheritis, “Access to Electoral Rights. Uruguay.” European Union Democracy Observatory on Citizenship, Country Profiles, June 2015. Available online at:

Ana Margheritis, “Citizenship Law. Uruguay.” European Union Democracy Observatory on Citizenship, Country Profiles. May 2015. Available online at:

A Three-Question Interview with Ana Margheritis,” Johns Hopkins University, SAIS Europe, 23 November 2015:

Obama and the Latino Vote: Falling in Love Again?” Politics Upside Down, blog post,, 25 March 2015.

McGhee, Derek

McGhee. D., Heath, S. & Trevena Social Relationships and Relationships in context - Post Accession Poles in Southampton, Population, Space and Place, 2015, 21, 433-445.

E. Pietka-Nyzaka and D. McGhee Polish Migrants Citizenship Attachments in the Context of the Scottish Independence Referendum, Citizenship Studies, 2016, 20.1.

Owen, David

Compulsory Public Service and the Right of Territorial Exit’ (Symposium on Blake & Brock, Debating Brain Drain), Moral Philosophy and Politics, DOI: 10.1515/mopp-2015-0027, February 2016

‘In loco civitatis: on the normative structure of the international refugee regime’ in S. Fine and L. Ypi (eds.) Migration and Political Theory, Oxford University Press, 2016 pp.269-89.

Shah, Bindi

Shah, Bindi (2015) Compassion and Sanskara in the context of Neoliberalism: factors shaping a Jain socio-spiritual organisation's development activities in Gujarat, India. Asia Research Institute Working Paper Series, 243. Singapore, SG: Asia Research Institute.

Shah, Bindi (Forthcoming 2017) Religion, ethnicity and citizenship: The role of Jain institutions in the social incorporation of young Jains in Britain and USA. Journal of Contemporary Religion.

Wahba, Jackie

Wahba, J. Selection, selection, selection: the impact of return migration, Journal of Population Economics, 2015. 

Razin, A. and Wahba, J. Welfare Magnet Hypothesis, Fiscal Burden, and Immigration Skill Selectivity, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 2015.

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