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The University of Southampton
Micro and Nano Therapies

Ms Annecia Sze Wuan Tan

Undergraduate student

Ms Annecia Sze Wuan Tan's photo

“Be happy but never satisfied.” – Bruce Lee; “I detest "perfection". To be "perfect" is to be unable to improve any further.” – Mayuri Kurotsuchi

I chose engineering because it’s interesting, where you create solutions for society in an ever-changing world and that the engineering world is broad, 1 day you are working in an aerospace company, another day you are working in a healthcare company.

Research interests

IP Project 2017-18 (Supervisor: Dr Dario Carugo)

An artificial model of the urinary system as a platform to test the mechanical performance of urological devices: an experimental and computational study

Research group

Bioengineering Science

Affiliate research group

Micro and Nano Therapies

Ms Annecia Sze Wuan Tan
Micro and Nano Therapies (MiNaTher),
Bioengineering Research Group,
Faculty of Engineering and the Environment,
University of Southampton Highfield Campus,
Southampton, SO171BJ, UK
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