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The University of Southampton
Micro and Nano Therapies

Nanomaterial Production

Silver nanoparticles have the ability to absorb light in the visible, ultraviolet and near infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum. The size and shape of these silver nanoparticles, has a direct impact on the wavelengths of light that can be absorbed. This means silver nanoparticles have a diverse range of possible applications, in industries such as biomedicine and textiles. Unfortunately, generating these nanoparticles on a large scale, has a number of complications due to the specificity required in the reaction process. Without precise control the variation in size, shape and therefore absorption of the nanoparticles produced, would be too great. Using 3D printing technologies, our researchers have developed a cost effective continuous flow reactor. The continuous flow reactor has been designed to optimise silver nanoparticle production, with a fine level of control of the total reaction process. Ongoing developments aim to develop methods of producing silica coated nanoparticles, which would prevent photo- or chemical-etching and allow the particles to be functionalised for a wider range of applications. Moreover, we also apply the developed flow-reactor technology to the production of drug delivery vehicles such as liposomes and niosomes.

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