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Micro and Nano Therapies

The Enrichment unit (TEu)

Our aim as The Enrichment unit is to enrich the notions that the University offer to students and staff.

Coordinator team: Dr Dario Carugo, Mr Ali Mosayyebi and Mr Antonio De Grazia

Internal Partner: MiNaTher Research Group, Bioengineering Sciences Research Group, Faculty of Engineering and the Environment Graduate School and Institute for Life Sciences.

External Partner: Statistical Services Centre

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Scientific Engagement

Multidisciplinary Research Seminars
Multidisciplinary Research Seminars

Members of our team have been successfully involved in running Bioengineering Seminars for several years during which national and international speakers were invited to talk about their research. We are now going to implement similar strategy into running seminars dedicated for undergraduates and master students around the campus. These seminars will run by students who will invite PhD, MScs, IPs and internship students to present a new technology/software every month. In this sense, students will be able to share their knowledge and they will also get feedback from peers, focusing then more on the methods of the research rather than the results of it.


The Enrichment unit also serves as incubator for people eager to learn more about specific fields. For this reason, we are also launching a series of workshops with the goal to enrich the know-how of students and staff at the University of Southampton.
Two of these which are in the pipeline currently involve statistics (Statistical Analysis with R) and simulations (Simulations with Ansys). 

Statistical Analysis with R

Statistical Analsysis with R

The Statistical Analysis with R workshop is a one-day course focusing on basics of statistics for people unfamiliar or with little knowledge about it, but not limited to these.

Simulations with Ansys

Simulations with ANSYS

The Simulations with Ansys workshop is aimed at students and staff at University who want to learn more about in-silico studies and computational modelling.

Public Engagement

Paint Your Pain
Paint Your Pain (click for more information)

Paint Your Pain

Painting has demonstrated to have a beneficial impact for people in representing their state of mind/body in a visual way because this allows them to produce an image that everybody can relate to. 

The project is going to provide a better representation of pain and create a network of communication between different people. The aim is to ask the public to paint their pictorial representation of pain related to any illness directly or indirectly connected to the person.

Sarvenaz Sohrabi (the Artist) will then use the paintings to produce artworks summarising different vision of pain. These will be presented at exhibitions throughout the year.

Keep an eye on the artist's website for information on workshops and exhibitions.

Our effort led to receiving funding from the Public Engagement Research unit (PERu) development fund to further support our on-going project.

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