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Imogen Cobden MLang German, Fourth year

Imogen Cobden's Photo

I'm surrounded by people who love German as much as I do. The staff in particular have such a clear love for the language that it’s hard not to be inspired!

What made you choose to come to study at Southampton?

Two things in particular attracted me to Southampton. The first was the unbelievable flexibility of the degree options – being able to branch out and study things that weren’t purely about German has been great. The second thing are the Linguistics modules. I studied English Language A-Level and was so excited by the number and variety of Linguistics modules at Southampton.

What have been your Southampton highlights so far?

In second year, my two friends and I designed a German language course and accompanying advertising campaign for over-55s for the final module assessment. We took it seriously but still had great fun creating everything and ‘pitching’ our idea to the class. And we got a brilliant mark for it, too!

What extra curricular activites have you been involved in?

I have taken a total of four Latin language modules because I really wanted to continue with it post-A-Level. I learnt Mediaeval Latin in addition to the Classical Latin I knew and so it really challenged my problem-solving skills in a great way. I have also volunteered at Union Films since first year and love working at the student cinema – we get to watch the film for free! Even though it's only volunteering, it's still great work experience in a retail and customer service environment.

What are you enjoying most about your course?

Being surrounded by people who love German (almost) as much as I do. The staff in particular have such a clear love for the language and it’s hard not to be inspired by that!

Do you have the opportunity to study modules outside of your core subject area, and how do you think they are adding to your experience?

The Latin modules I have studied demonstrate that I have highly developed problem-solving skills and reasoning ability, which all employers want to see. I also think it might potentially open doors into museum and heritage careers, which could be interesting.

What networking, employment and work experience opportunities have you had exposure to?

I have worked at several Open Days and Visit Days, and these have greatly improved my presentation skills. I currently present Student Life Talks for prospective students: the opportunity to develop the confidence and the technique to successfully deliver a talk to a large group of people has been invaluable for assessed presentations and will be invaluable in the workplace.

Do you have any idea of what you would like to do in the future?

Having undertaken two work experience placements in a publishing firm, I have decided I would like to work in academic publishing. I will start applying for Editorial Assistant positions at academic publishing houses very soon.

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