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Professor Rosamond Mitchell

Emeritus Professor in Applied Linguistics

Professor Rosamond Mitchell's photo

Professor Rosamond Mitchell is an Emeritus Professor of Applied Linguistics in Modern Languages and Linguistics at the University of Southampton.

I studied Early & Modern Irish at Trinity College Dublin and taught French and Irish in a Dublin comprehensive school. I worked as a researcher and lecturer in applied linguistics in Stirling and in Edinburgh before moving to the University of Southampton in the 1980s. After many years in the School of Education I joined Modern Languages and Linguistics in 2004, where I was founding director of the Centre for Applied Language Research and Head of Department from 2011-2013. Following my retirement in spring 2014 I am now attached to Modern Languages and Linguistics as Emeritus Professor.

Research interests

I have two major areas of research expertise: second language acquisition, and foreign language classroom learning and teaching. In second language acquisition I have particular interests in the development of corpus based approaches for the study of learner development, and have worked extensively on the development of learner corpora in French and Spanish. In foreign language education, I have particular research interests in: classroom interaction and its role in language learning; critical thinking in language education; foreign language pedagogy for early learners; and informal learning by advanced learners during residence abroad.

Research project(s)

Learning French from ages 5, 7 and 11 (FLLOC) - Dormant

An investigation into starting ages, rates and routes of learning amongst early foreign language learners.

In search of multicompetence - Dormant

Exploring language use and language values among multilingual immigrant students in England, Italy and Austria.

The Emergence and Development of the Tense-Aspect System in L2 Spanish (SPLLOC 2) - Dormant

This project has further developed the SPLLOC (Spanish Learner Language Oral Corpora) research programme and has included new data investigating the acquisition of tense and aspect by English learners of Spanish.

Languages and social networks abroad (LANG-SNAP)

Social networks, target language interaction, and second language acquisition during the year abroad.

I am on research leave in autumn 2013.

Professor Rosamond Mitchell

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