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Miss Jovanna Matilde Godínez Martínez  BA, MA

Postgraduate Research Student

Miss Jovanna Matilde Godínez Martínez 's photo

Jovanna Matilde Godínez Martínez is a Postgraduate Research Student within Modern Languages and Linguistics at the University of Southampton.

Work Experience

I am currently working towards my PhD in Applied Linguistics at the University of Southampton with a specific focus in Reflective Practice in the field of English Language Teaching (ELT) as a means to enhance critical reflection and possibly foster development in teachers. Originally from Mexico City, Mexico I received my BA in ELT in Hidalgo State University before taking part in a year exchange program with the US Embassy in the state of Virginia, USA. It was after this experience that my interest in teacher development and teacher training arose. I therefore enrolled to the University of Southampton to study my MA in English Language Teaching and then a PhD in Applied Linguistics. My research interests include second language acquisition, linguistic minorities, teacher development and reflective practice in ELT. I enjoy working closely with my research participants to understand all aspects of their practice.

Research interests

My interest in reflective practice as a central part of teacher development arose after taking part in several ELT courses as a teacher trainer in Mexico and in Costa Rica. I came to realize that while enrolled in the training programs, teachers would be very proactive towards their teaching practice and mentioned to have implemented what they were learning in their daily classes. However, once the training courses were over and I had the opportunity to meet with the former trainees in other contexts I would ask how their classes were going and I usually obtained negative feedback as to how they were not able to implement the new knowledge permanently. As the course instructor, this constant feedback on behalf of former trainees became challenging, as my ‘idealized’ perception of anyone engaging in teacher training was to actually change and improve their practice for what I considered the ‘better’ and I assumed that this improvement was deliberately taking place yet reality was much different. This condition impacted directly my profession as an ELT trainer as I found it purposeless to deliver another training course if for the most part teacher development would be superficial. However, as a researcher I saw this as an opportunity to gain understanding of this situation by systematically studying a similar context and gain an informed picture of teachers’ practice –reasoning and actions-. Further, contextual and personal factors mentioned by former trainees, which are for the most part neglected in teacher training –one size fits all- programs would also be taken into account.


Participation in international conferences

  • Speaker at the 2013 ALAB Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2013

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  • Paredes, B.G., Godínez, J.M, Hidalgo, H., Espinosa, B., (2015), The teaching of English at basic education in the state of Hidalgo: A case study. In: Hernández, E. & Morales, M. (2015) La infancia: Avances y desafíos. Un acercamiento desde las ciencias sociales. Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo.
  • Godínez, J., (2014), From Nahuatl, to Spanish, to English. Fontamara
  • Godínez, J. & Paredes, B., (2014) Lengua, Multiculturalidad e Identidad. Casos en contextos educativos mexicanos. Fontamara.



Miss Jovanna Matilde Godínez Martínez
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