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The University of Southampton
Mathematics and Science Learning Centre

CLEAPSS Supporting Safe & Successful Classroom Physics Event

09:30 - 16:00
21 January 2020
Mathematics and Science Learning Centre, The Graham Hills Building 29, University of Southampton, Highfield, Southampton, SO17 1BJ

For more information regarding this event, please telephone Mathematics and Science Learning Centre on 02380 598810 or email .

Event details

This 1-day course is designed to enable secondary school science laboratory technicians to be more confident in supporting the teaching of practical physics. It also provides a valuable opportunity for technicians to meet together and share expertise. Course led by Samir Moezzi.

This course assumes a basic level of experience in physics.

Technicians who are completely new to supporting physics are recommended to attend the introductory physics course, Introduction to Supporting Physics teaching for Technicians.

Topics covered include:

  • Physics Safety - overview Hazard identification and risk assessment with demonstrations, including: lasers, microwaves, ionising radiations, heat, flammable liquids, electrical and mechanical hazards.
  • Practical Workshop Hands-on activities, with an emphasis on the work often carried out by technicians to support physics teaching.

The list below is subject to change, depending on availability of equipment: Electricity; a circus of activities which includes work with Extra High Tension power supplies, Transformers & power lines, electron beam tubes and the Van de Graaff generator; Low voltage work including using ammeters, voltmeters & multimeters, thermistors, light dependent resistors and electric motors, Model steam engines; how to set one up, and what to look for before each use, Ionising radiation; Waves; Oscilloscopes & signal generators, the Rubens tube, Lasers & LED’s.

Course Fee: £140 per person attending

This is for a full day of professional development, all CLEAPSS course resources, lunch and refreshments.

CLEAPSS courses are intended for CLEAPSS members – if you are uncertain about your membership please contact CLEAPSS on 01895 251496. An additional charge may be payable for non-members attending courses.



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