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For researchers

Pathways to Impact and Impact Summaries are an important part of any funding bid to the Research Councils. Researchers are expected to consider how their work could achieve a positive impact and the pathways to bringing this to fruition. The education sector is a key group that can benefit from both academic and economic and societal impacts of research and schools and colleges are the pipeline by which new entrants to higher education, and possibly research, are produced.

Offering routes to disseminate impact for researchers

We have been involved in designing, developing and delivering professional development in STEM subjects for teachers and lecturers since 2004 and have worked with thousands of teachers. Each teacher may be working with hundreds of students and so enhancing their understanding of current research has a large multiplier effect. We also have expertise in evaluating evidence of impact on teacher and student learning. Our previous work in this area includes Polymer Solutions for our Future,, Electrical Energy for our Future: connecting the school STEM curriculum with the world of work and Bringing Oceanography Inland: a project using oceanographic science to teach content and skills at Key Stage 3.

Our work on translating impact

We have already worked with two groups in the University and are written into impact summaries as a pathway to impact for their research.   We are offering a model to University Academics to facilitate and organise a range of opportunities to engage with schools and colleges to disseminate impact of research through educators (senior leaders, teachers and lecturers, teaching assistants and technicians). This could be in the form of professional development, project work or visits. We can also work with researchers in project teams on enhancing the impact of their engagement with schools and colleges.

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Please contact Janice Griffiths for further discussions.

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