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The University of Southampton
Macmillan Survivorship Research Group

RESTORE - supporting people living with cancer related fatigue

Funder: Macmillan Cancer Support
Chief Investigator: Professor Claire Foster
Research Team: Dr Lynn Calman, Dr Chloe Grimmett

Cancer related fatigue (CRF) is a common problem often reported during chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment. Many people also report CRF persists, sometimes for years, once treatment is over. CRF can be very debilitating and may affect people’s lives in a number of ways. It can impact on how someone feels about themselves, whether and how they engage in everyday activities, and may affect their relationships with others.

We have developed RESTORE a web-based resource which aims to increase people's confidence to do things they want to do in spite of their CRF.

In a study including 163 participants from 12 hospitals we compared RESTORE with Macmillan's 'Coping with Fatigue' leaflet. Half of the participants were given the booklet and the other half used RESTORE. Those who used RESTORE were more confident to manage their fatigue 6 weeks later.

We have published four papers describing the development of RESTORE, the trial protocol, trial results and results of our qualitative process evaluation.

Macmillan Cancer Support have set-up a blog on RESTORE for their Online Community - a forum for people with cancer. Please click: blog up on the Macmillan Online Community

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