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The University of Southampton
The MultICath Trial

Welcome to the MultICath Trial 

                                                                MULTICATH  NEWS UPDATE

We are pleased to announce plans to restart the trial this Autumn. We will be updating the information in this website over the next few weeks in preparation.

If you are interested in taking part or would like to talk to someone about any aspect of the trial, please email Margaret Macaulay at Thank you from the research team for your patience and ongoing support.

A non-inferiority randomised controlled trial to compare mixed (multi/single-use) catheter management with single-use catheter management by intermittent catheter users over 12 months

The MultICath Trial aims to find out whether using a mixture of re-usable catheters and single-use catheters is as safe and acceptable for intermittent catheterisation as using only single-use catheters.

The study is led by Professor Mandy Fader from the University of Southampton in collaboration with Bristol Urological Institute, Glasgow Caledonian University, Newcastle University, University College London and North Bristol Trust.



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