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The University of Southampton
The MultICath Trial

Articles and summary protocol

Relevant Papers

Publications from the MultICath study

Options for users of intermittent catheters Mandy Fader, Margaret Macaulay, Debbie Delgado, Doreen McClurg

The MultICath study: creating an evidence base Brian Buckley, Matthew Archer, Margaret Macaulay, Mandy Fader

Giving intermittent catheter users more choice Brian Buckley, Mandy Fader, Margaret Macaulay

Development of an effective and acceptable cleaning method to allow safe re-use of plain uncoated catheters for intermittent catheterisation Sandra Wilks, Nicola Morris, Debbie Delgado, Jacqui Prieto, Katherine N Moore, Margaret Macaulay, Mandy Fader

A novel evidence-based method for re-processing catheters used for intermittent catheterisation Margaret Macaulay, Nicola Morris, Sandra Wilks, Debbie Delgado, Jacqui Prieto, Mandy Fader

Reuse of intermittent catheters: A qualitative study of IC users’ perspectives Miriam Avery, Jacqui Prieto, Ikumi Okamoto, Samantha Cullen, Bridget Clancy, Katherine N Moore, Margaret Macaulay, Mandy Fader

Intermittent catheter users' symptom identification, description and management of urinary tract infection: a qualitative study Ikumi Okamoto, Jacqui Prieto, Miriam Avery, Katherine Moore, Samantha Sartain, Bridget Clancy, Mandy Fader

A two-phased study of healthcare professionals' perceptions of single or multiuse catheters Doreen McClurg, Joanne Coyle, Adele Long, Katherine N Moore, Alan Cottenden, Carl May, Mandy Fader

An effective evidence‐based cleaning method for the safe reuse of intermittent urinary catheters: In vitro testing Sandra A. Wilks PhD, Nicola S. Morris PhD, Richard Thompson PhD, Jacqui A. Prieto PhD, Margaret Macaulay MSc, Katherine N. Moore PhD, C. William Keevil PhD, Mandy Fader PhD

Key papers about intermittent catheterisation


Protocol summary

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