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New Collaborative Seminars for Composers and Artists

Published: 18 January 2008

Postgraduate research students from Music and the Winchester School of Art (a School of the University of Southampton) have been awarded funding from the Faculty of Law, Arts and Social Sciences for a series of collaborative seminars. The SOUND SEMINAR series will explore approaches to sound adopted by composers and artists, with a view to understanding more clearly the "modes of listening" involved in each discipline and how they might influence the creative process.

Artists using sound very often relate their work to the traditions of visual and conceptual art, focussing upon found sound, language and the spatial location of the work; the potential for a musical consideration of the sounds employed — such as how those sounds exist as a structure in time — is comparatively neglected. Conversely, composers rarely consider the spatial aspect of sound, or the potential for using found materials and static textures or noise in their work. Using collaboration as a vehicle for exchange and invention, we will examine these contrasting understandings of the attributes of sound, and explore the potential for cross-fertilisation that may enrich our art-making.

The first seminar will take place on Friday 15 February at Highfield Campus. If you are interested in taking part or in attending events please contact Trish Bould (WSA) and George Holloway (Music) on

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